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Gilgit Baltistan is situated in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan.  This area is most likely surrounded by mountains like k-2, Gasherbrum II, Hidden peak, Kangri, Gasherbrum I and many more. This region is the habitats of people of Tibet and some Iranian people. Here the population is low as compare to other regions of Pakistan so a peaceful environment can be found. Basic language is Shina in Gilgit but the people of Gilgit Baltistan speak different languages most likely Urdu, Tebitian, Burushaski, Khowar, Balti, and some people can speak Punjabi and Pushtu too. So here we can clearly observe the cultural glimpse of both Iran and Tibet as this region has different people from various cultures so here different patterns of house making and living styles can be seen.

Pakistan “a Journey from Terrorism to Tourism”

 Trekking in Gilgit Baltistan
Trekking in Gilgit Baltistan

Gilgit Culture is the most fascinating and elegant culture for Pakistani people and for tourists from other countries. People who come to visit the tourist attractions in Gilgit Baltistan like Skardu, Deosai plains, Satpara Lake, Basho, and Atta Abad Lake became very eager to see and adopt Gilgiti culture during their stay over there. Many people come to see the most famous, Shandur Polo festival as Gilgit Baltistan has outstanding polo and ski teams.

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Winter in Gilgit Baltistan

While discussing the culture of Gilgit Baltistan, Gilgit’s dressing style grasps most of our attention.

Gilgit woolen caps are the most liked thing in Gilgit and also fascinate the tourists from all over the world, these caps have a feather attached to it and considered as integrity in men dressing. People from other areas of Pakistan also like to wear these caps in winter. Moreover, in men dressing, they wear shalwar kameez, shawl, and weskit.

In women dressing there can be found a fantastic cap. The most famous women cap has embroidery on it and jewelry attached to it, which looks so sophisticated. Women wear colorful frocks, shalwar kameez, and shawl and lraghi caps even on events.

 When it comes to events and festivals, mainly there are two types, religious and cultural. In religious domains Eidain (Eid-e- Baqrah, EID Miladnnabi, and Eid-e-Fitr includes. In cultural festivals, Shandur polo festival is most famous other festival related to different communities also included in a list like Navroz, Harvesting festival (which people arrange to thank ALLAH for blessing them with such prosperity) and Babusar Polo festival another most appealing this is the traditional sword dance of the people on such events.

Traditional Food of Gilgit Baltistan
Traditional Food of Gilgit Baltistan

Every year, many sports rivalries are planned in Gilgit Baltistan like volleyball, football, ski, and most polo. Polo is the most favorite sport of Gilgit people specially of Astore, Chilas, Nagar and Hunza. Many tourists visit Gilgit Baltistan to enjoy the polo festival every year. Polo is being played in Gilgit from decades ago. This game is the specialty of Gilgit people.  Even people of the United Kingdom learned this game from Gilgit people in the duration of their stopover in the region.

Pakistanis Hospitality in serving tourism in 2021 as Pakistan awarded to Host World Tourism Forums 2021.

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