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5G future of internet and technology

Foundation:  Developer of 5G:  Until now, no company or person owns...

Pakistan’s Judicial System Totally Failed

The Pakistan's judicial system structure has two tiers : The superior judiciary and the subordinate judiciary. The Supreme Judiciary consists of the...

Flood In Pakistan 2022 aftershocks continues

Flood In Pakistan 2022 aftershocks continues in 2023 Flood in Pakistan affects many villages and leave families...

Why Afghan Currency has more value than Pakistan’s?

Why Afghani currency is better then Pak rupee? The history of Afghanistan is older than Pakistan. Both...

Pakistan’s First Transgender Doctor | Dr. Sara Gill

We made transgender people marginalized into a group and realized that they did not belong to us and separated them. Without understanding,...

Pakistan’s Ice Princess | Mallak Faisal Zafar

Mallak started skating when she was 5 years old and became a pro, Figure skater at age 9. Her dream is to...
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