The Mystery of the Balochistan Sphinx

The Buddhism architecture, Sphinx of Balochistan

The ruined, rocky landscape of the Makran coastal strip of southern Balochistan, Pakistan, is an architectural gem that has been unnoticed for centuries. The Buddhism architecture, The Mysterious...
Faseel-e-Jaan Se Aagay - Bilal Shaheed: Ghazanosar Ka Hero

Captain Bilal Zafar Shaheed “SSG Commando”

Captain Bilal Shaheed- Ghazanosar Ka Hero _@_ Faseel-e-Jaan Se Aagay A Pakistani Army Officer “Captain Bilal Zafar Abbasi” (1982-2009) achieved the Sitara e bisalat on Pakistan's 62nd Independence...
Shahida Abbasi from Baluchistan Quetta won gold medal at 13th South Asian Games 2019.

Pakistan needs young girls like “Shahida Abbasi”

Quetta-based Pakistani martial artist Shahida Abbasi won a gold medal in the 42 kg women's karate category. Thanks to Shahida Abbasi's outstanding performance, Pakistan won its first gold medal in the 13th South...
Best place to visit "Heaven on earth" Hunza Valley

Best safe place to visit “Heaven on earth” Hunza Valley

A heaven on earth Best safe place to visit in #coronavirus “Hunza Valley” A heaven on earth Best safe place to visit in #coronavirus “Hunza Valley”
Gandhara Festival 2020 l Heritage and Cultural History

Gandhara Festival 2021, Religious Tourism in Pakistan

Gandhara Festival 2020, Religious Tourism in Pakistan. Credits to KPK Government History of Gandhara Art Gandhara was primarily located in the Peshawar Valley, the...
Captain Hassan Musahib Shaheed

Captain Hassan Musahib Javaid Shaheed “A Nation’s Hero and Pride”.

Captain Hassan Musahib was born on 3 May 1989 in Conor, Tehsil Kahuta, District Rawalpindi. He joined the Pak Army's 23 Baloch Regiment with 116 PMA Long Course ...
Australian Wildfires affecting different regions and a huge destruction of wildlife and humanity across Australia.

The Australian wildfires are worse than World War three.

Australia is the sixth-largest country by land. Australia is facing more than 100 forest fires in two states, with officials warning the severe blaze is an “omen" of the oncoming fire season.
Aitzaz Hassan Shaheed a nations real unforgettable hero who saved humanity

Aitzaz Hassan Shaheed “A Nation’s Hero”

Life of a Brave Hero Aitzaz Hassan Bangash was born in 1998 in Hangu District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province who died on January 6, 2014, when he stopped a suicide bomber...
Pakistan’s first female Google developer expert, AQSA KAUSAR

Pakistan’s first female Google developer expert, AQSA KAUSAR

Introduction: Pakistani students prove their extraordinary students in every field of life at the national and international level, Aqsa Kausar is one of the most brilliant Pakistani students who make Pakistan proud...

Confusions about NAB Ordinance 2019

Earlier, the supreme court of Pakistan had approved the petition against the national accountability ordinance, 2019, which was Implemented by the Tehreek-e-Insaf government of Pakistan on Friday through a presidential ordinance, known...