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Foundation and Intro of the institution:

Al-Qadir University, located in Pakistan, stands as a symbol of educational excellence and commitment to fostering intellectual growth. This Institution Established to meet the evolving needs of higher education in the region, the university has made significant strides in providing quality learning opportunities. With a vision to deliver high-quality instruction and contribute to the cerebral and social development of the pupils, Al-Qadir University in Pakistan stands as a testament to the nation’s commitment to higher education. This article explores the university’s history, mission, academic programs, infrastructure, and its contribution to determining the future of its students.

The goal of the Al Qadir University Project Trust was to establish a university, and since its founding, it has made significant progress in this regard. Within the short two years of its operation, it has procured land and purpose-built buildings, employed renowned faculty and skilled staff, and implemented infrastructure tailored for an elite learning surroundings. In accordance with the Punjab Government Higher Education regulations, obtaining degree awarding status requires affiliation with a public university. Thus, the Trust submitted an application to join Government College University Lahore as an affiliate college.

After just two years of establishment, it accepted its first class of students. Already established are two departments: one focusing on Islamic Studies and the other on Management Science. To guarantee a high caliber student body, enrollment capacity is progressively expanded. Now that all requirements have been met, the Punjab Higher Education Commission has received the application for Degree Awarding Institute Status. The trust has appointed a Dean and a Management Committee made up of well-known educators who have full control and power over the trust's academic affairs.

Many of the admitted students from the previous year were awarded sizable scholarships. For transparency's sake, the trust's accounts are audited by certified independent auditors. By offering top-notch instruction at Al-Qadir, the trust is excited about the chance to improve the nation's higher education system.

History and Foundation:

Imran Khan established Al-Qadir University in 1996. He is a visionary leader who is passionate about education. The trust seeks to advance healthcare and education while reducing poverty. On May 5, 2019, the Pakistani prime minister, Imran Khan, laid the foundation stone for the Al-Qadir University in Sohawa during a groundbreaking ceremony. The trust was founded to help Pakistan’s underprivileged and impoverished. The construction of a school in the Mianwali village was the trust’s first undertaking. Khan’s father was a teacher, and his name was given to the school.

Since then, the trust has increased the range of projects it works on, including managing clinics and hospitals, giving food and shelter to the homeless, and helping students financially. The university’s inception was rooted in the belief that education plays a pivotal role in societal development, and it aimed to contribute to the intellectual and cultural enrichment of Pakistan. The founders envisioned a place where students could not only acquire knowledge but also develop critical thinking skills and contribute meaningfully to society.

Campus and Infrastructure:

The university boasts a sprawling campus equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for its students, faculty and staff. The student population will have access to separate dorms for boys and girls. The most recent technology is adequately installed in the lecture halls, computer labs, library, common areas, and classrooms, among other facilities. Al-Qadir offers the ideal atmosphere for introspection and in-depth learning, just a short distance from the bustle of the city. From modern classrooms to well-equipped laboratories, Al-Qadir University prioritizes creating an environment conducive to learning and research. The library stands as a knowledge repository with a sizable collection of books, journals, and digital resources. The university is committed to providing its students with the best possible resources to enhance their educational experience.

Academic Programs:

Al-Qadir university provides a wide variety of academic programs in different academic fields. From undergraduate to postgraduate degrees, students can pursue fields such as engineering, business, humanities, and sciences. The curriculum is designed to be rigorous, making certain that pupils obtain a comprehensive education that equips them for the demands of the working world.


The university is proud of its illustrious faculty members who are authorities in their domains. Committed to imparting knowledge and fostering critical thinking, the faculty plays a crucial role in shaping the academic landscape of Al-Qadir University. Al-Qadir University prides itself on having a team of experienced and highly qualified professors who are not only experts in their fields but also dedicated mentors to the students. The university places a strong emphasis on research, encouraging faculty members and students to engage in groundbreaking research that contributes to the academic community and addresses real-world challenges.

Research and Innovation:

Al-Qadir University places a strong emphasis on research and innovation. It is encouraged for educators and learners to work together on cutting-edge projects that tackle pressing issues. The university collaborates with industry partners and research institutions to create a dynamic ecosystem that promotes innovation. To conduct research on traditional Islam and demonstrate its significance and applicability to current issues. Imran Khan stressed that the Muslim Ummah is in dire need of research-based higher education institutions which produce scholars and leaders who are true heirs of the Prophet (SAW). Former Prime Minister discussed how the global Muslim population lacks civilization pride, which allows the West to dominate both intellectual and cultural spheres.

He discussed the need for Muslims to grow out of internal conflicts and rise as a collective on the footsteps of the sahabah, who not only conquered lands across continents but also the hearts of their inhabitants. He thinks Al-Qadir will become a worldwide hub of learning and represent that ray of hope in the areas of academic excellence, innovation, and research.

Community Engagement:

Beyond academic studies, Al-Qadir University is very involved in helping the local community. The university does this by organizing programs, projects, and partnerships with local groups. They want to have a positive impact on the community. The university also takes part in community service, outreach programs, and social responsibility projects. This helps the local community and teaches the students to care about others and be helpful in society.

Achievements and Recognition:

Over the years, Al-Qadir University has achieved numerous milestones and received recognition for its contributions to education and research. This includes accolades, awards, and partnerships with industry leaders, showcasing the university’s commitment to excellence.

International Collaboration:

Recognizing the importance of a global perspective, Al-Qadir University actively seeks international cooperation. This includes academic exchange programs, joint research initiatives, and partnerships with renowned universities worldwide. Such cooperation enriches the academic experience for both faculty and students.

Student Life:

Al-Qadir University recognizes the importance of a balanced student life. These activities play a crucial role in shaping the character and interpersonal skills of the students, preparing them for the challenges of the real world.

Extracurricular Activities:

The school supports students’ all-around development. Activities like clubs, sports, and cultural events are a big part of campus life. Extracricular activities allow students to show their skills and also help them feel like they belong. The school also has regular sessions for personal growth and many events like planting trees, sports competitions, and national day celebrations to make the experience at Al-Qadir even better. Students also go on fun trips like hikes and picnics as well as visits to historic places.

Alumni Success:


The success of any educational institution is often reflected in the achievements of its alumni. Graduates of Al-Qadir University have gone on to make significant contributions in various fields, serving as ambassadors of the institution’s commitment to excellence.

In conclusion, Al-Qadir University stands as a beacon of education in Pakistan, providing a nurturing environment for intellectual growth and personal development. With a commitment to academic excellence, research, and community engagement, the university continues to shape the future of its students and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the region.

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