Captain Bilal Zafar Shaheed “SSG Commando”

Captain Bilal Shaheed- Ghazanosar Ka Hero _@_ Faseel-e-Jaan Se Aagay
Captain Bilal Shaheed- Ghazanosar Ka Hero _@_ Faseel-e-Jaan Se Aagay

A Pakistani Army Officer “Captain Bilal Zafar Abbasi” (1982-2009) achieved the Sitara e bisalat on Pakistan’s 62nd Independence Day. One day after his death, he was buried on May 18, 2009, in his hometown of Kehrer Kotli Satan.

Captain Bilal Zafar Abbasi martyred, SSG Commando, accepted the martyrdom on May 17, 2009, in the Peochar Valley in Swat.

The brave son of 42 Baloch Regiment Al Havi was born on February 2, 1982, in Rawalpindi. He was from an elderly family with a military background.

He got his early education from St. Paul’s Cambridge School and Government Postgraduate College Satellite Town Rawalpindi.

Inspired by his ancestors’ enthusiasm and patriotism, he joined the PAK Army in 2001. Captain Bilal’s performance was exemplary during his training and the battalion passed as Junior Under Officer (BJUO). On October 12, 2003, Captain Bilal joined the 42 Baloch Regiment. Captain Bilal participated in Operation Al-Mizan, Operation Rah-e-Rast and United Nations Operation in Cote de Ivoire, and has been honored with Imtiazi Sanad for his bravery and various operations.

Captain Bilal Shaheed- Ghazanosar Ka Hero _@_ Faseel-e-Jaan Se Aagay

His father, Zafar Tajamul, is a retired captain. His grandfather, Tajamul Hussain, was a commissioned officer in the British Indian Army. He fought World War II and was a PoW. After that, he joined the INA. After independence, he chose the PAK Army. He volunteered for the War of Kashmir. He picked up the first badge brigade and commanded and fought on the Poonch front. Because of his bravery, he was awarded the FAKHR-E Kashmir Medal. He remained the defense secretary of the Azad Kashmir government. Later, he took over the civil defense department.

Subedar Lal Khan Captain Bilal’s grandfather fought World War I. He gave his life during the action. For his death in warfare, he was awarded the Indian Order of Merit – the second-highest military award.

His brother Captain Zarar is also a Commando Officer, who participated in many operations.

He was challenging and adventurous by nature. His parents are proud and her mother said: “If my other son accepts the testimony, you will see that I will not shed a tear”. We need a mom like this.

One day before his martyrdom Captain Bilal Shaheed was talking with his best friend and colleague in his room. He said Captain Raheel that Bilal would be martyred and Raheel as a Ghazi. At that time he was preparing for his most notorious work in the high mountains of the Peochar Valley. Captain Raheel’s eyes were often filled with tears, but she still maintains a military composure and pride by describing last night’s action. Captain Bilal Shaheed, who returned from a successful operation in Buner on May 5, 2009, received a message from his commanding officer that he had been assigned to a difficult task in the Valley Peochar (Operation Jahanbaz).

Faseel-e-Jaan Se Aagay – Captain Bilal Zafar Shaheed: Ghazanosar Ka Hero

The Special Services Group (SSG) needed to open the Swat-Peochar road, which was essential for their further operational rehabilitation. It was necessary to capture the Ghuzano Sar top (now Bilal top) for the success of the entire operation. Previous attempts to capture this top have not been successful. Captain Bilal Shaheed gladly received this warning order and engaged in preparations with his company commander and fellow officer. Both were also selected for this operation. Preparing for the mission, he accompanied Captain Raheel as he prepared for the moment. He asked Raheel to go to his house personally and tell her mother if he met the martyr.

Captain Bilal Zafar Shaheed- Ghazanosar Ka Hero _@_ Faseel-e-Jaan Se Aagay
Captain Bilal Zafar Shaheed- Ghazanosar Ka Hero _@_ Faseel-e-Jaan Se Aagay

He also told him to prepare a funeral prayer. Captain Bilal also said to Raheel that his body should be shrouded in the Pakistani flag. He should be buried with full military honors and ceremonies. Later he tied all his things On May 17, 2009, in the room. Certainly, Bilal knew of the golden tomorrow, which set him on a high path for those who sacrificed their lives for the safety and security of their land. In this unique moment and the magic of his love for the PAK army, Bilal sent a message from his cellular phone to Captain Raheel. He told him to read it after he left for the mission.

Captain Bilal was entrusted with the task of clearing and occupying the Ghuzano Sar Ridge in the Peochar Valley, which is the key to further the operation’s progress. Despite strong intercepts and extremely harsh terrain, Captain Bilal along with his battle group advanced and contacted the miscreants and cleared the munitions. After completing his assigned task, Captain Bilal decided to go ahead and clear the next position. The miscreants had offered strong resistance after losing their first position and were not allowing Captain Bilal Shaheed to proceed.

Captain Bilal immediately reacted to every situation and from the front, hit his chest with a rocket and embraced the last wish of any soldier on the spot. He always said that pills could never harm me, and that was true. He got a direct hit with a rocket Propeller grenade (RPG) and then the martyr hugged him. Captain Bilal was a good-hearted and caring man. He always enjoyed love and affection under his senior commands. He was an obedient and disciplined officer. Later he was awarded the Sitara e Basalt.

His last message has been spread widely across print and electronic media. He had this to say:

“In the thunderstorms of bombs, some just don’t stop. Knowing that he is surrounded by death. Knowing that they can leave their wives free and children orphans. But they just keep moving because something is pumping into their hearts. And is flowing in their veins, known as honor, devotion, and encouragement. That is why they say death before disgrace. Live long Pakistan Army”

Captain Bilal Zafar Shaheed- Ghazanosar Ka Hero _@_ Faseel-e-Jaan Se Aagay
Captain Bilal Zafar Shaheed- Ghazanosar Ka Hero @ Faseel-e-Jaan Se Aagay

He has gone to the grave with the honor that his martyrdom had come after him, and he and his chosen 50-man squad had completed the task assigned to them. Seven days after the air and ground attacks, the same task was completed. That was the only case of the operation, which shows how dedicated Bilal was to that purpose.

Bilal Shaheed- Ghazanosar Ka Hero _@_ Faseel-e-Jaan Se Aagay a dramatic series by PAK Army #Ehdewafa

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