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“Made in Pakistan” Initiative by Ministry of Science and Technology


Made in Pakistan Initiative by Ministry of Science and Technology []
Made in Pakistan Initiative by Ministry of Science and Technology []

Prime Minister Imran Khan has appreciated the Ministry of Science and Technology’s Made in Pakistan Initiative that focuses on increasing indigenous productivity in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic. This he stated while speaking to Science and Technology Minister Chaudhary Fawad Hussain, who visited him in Islamabad on Friday. The Minister gave a detailed briefing on various products produced in Pakistan for the coronavirus, including face masks, protective clothing and other things.

PM discussion with minister of science and technology
The Prime Minister appreciated the Ministry’s performance in the preparation of products related to the coronavirus and other steps. Chaudhary Fawad Hussain also discussed with the Prime Minister about the establishment of the Biotechnology Park and the manufacture of agricultural equipment. Prime Minister Imran Khan has appreciated the Ministry of Science and Technology’s Made in Pakistan Initiative that focuses on boosting indigenous productivity in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. The Minister gave a detailed briefing on various products produced in Pakistan for the coronavirus, including face masks, protective clothing and other things. The Prime Minister appreciated the ministry’s performance in preparing coronavirus-related products and other steps that should be taken by government.

Government of Pakistan must take the following steps to launch this initiative in Pakistan;

• The government must launch a campaign.
• Small scale industry must be promoted
• People with low income must be given debts by the government in order to make handicrafts
• Cottage industry must get promoted
• The tax on things must be lowered in Pakistan
• Tags of made in Pakistan must be attached on things in order to export them worldwide

History of Pakistan

During 73 years long life of Pakistan, the world has changed a lot. But the change that has been occurred during last three months was tremendous. Covid-19 has changed this world a lot. Most of the countries of world faced this pandemic and still they are facing this problem. There are no games, plays and musical performances. All the general powers of this world are facing this problem. Countries like America, China and Italy are facing the destruction of Corona. Since Pakistan is not a developed country and its economy is badly affected by this disease. Pakistanis need to re-built their pride.

Role as a nation

We as a nation must try to insist to buy the things especially that are made in Pakistan. We must buy Pakistani products. If we unite to buy Pakistani products and ban the international products, then the economy of Pakistan is doubled and imports become less. Once if a person set up his/her mind to change a thing then there is no external force that can resist a person. But the dilemma is that we as a nation are too stupid and lazy. If we can make F-17 Thunder Jet Fighter, then why cannot we make a commercial jet. On traveling internationally why we take our national flights for granted. Why we prefer international flights when there are our national flights. It’s the time to take initiative by the Government to make our traveling companies so tremendous that none of the Pakistanis prefer international airlines for traveling abroad. Similarly, government of Pakistan should give the best service trains for traveling nationally and best airline facilities to travel internationally. During British rule in India they have best train services and the tracks made by them are still working. We must update ourselves as a nation rather looking other nations and copying them. If we stop messing with our industries, we can produce best;

  • Clothes as Pakistan is autarky in cotton production
  • Weapons by raising the qualities of steel mills
  • Sport items by increasing the income of cottage industry
  • Bakery items by giving honor to flour industry

Businessmen Approach Towards this Initiative

Businessmen have said that ‘Made in Pakistan’ approach should be promoted and the slogan should be made a buzzword to strengthen the manufacturing sector of the country.Talking to a delegation of local traders on Saturday, United Business Group (UBG) Central Chairman Iftikhar Ali Malik said all efforts should be used to make this slogan a reality.
Initiative that should be taken by Government

  • Until and unless the manufacturing sector and exports are strengthened, Pakistan’s economy will not be able to achieve high growth rate.
  • Pakistan needed an export-driven growth strategy.
  • Pakistani entrepreneurs must be urged to prioritize the development of brands of international standards to capture global markets in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic besides earning more foreign exchange for the country.
  • It was high time for Pakistani entrepreneurs, the corporate sector especially younger business magnates, to concentrate on developing brands.
  • Institutional network should be strengthened on modern scientific lines to meet the challenges of global marketing in the future. Private sector has to develop its own brands on a war footing for survival otherwise neighboring countries will continue to sweep international markets.
  • Pakistani missions abroad should be required to introduce Pakistani products and disseminate trade information there.

Top 10 exports of Pakistan

The following export product groups rank the highest value of the dollar in Pakistani global shipments during 2019 and they can also rank Pakistan among those countries who are ranking high in their economy. Each export category has also been shown to represent the percentage of Pakistan’s total exports.

  • Miscellaneous textiles, apparel: $ 4.2 billion (20% of total exports)
  • Clothing, accessories (non-woven or crocheted): billion 3.5 billion (.7 16.7)
  • Knitted or crocheted clothing, accessories: 3.3 billion (.1 16.1)
  • Cotton: 8 1.8 billion (8.4%)
  • Grain: 1.2 billion (9 5.9)
  • Intestinal leather / animal articles: 716.7 million (3.5%)
  • Copper: 6,596.7 million (2.9%)
  • Optical, technical and medical equipment: 1,421 million (2%)
  • Petroleum including mineral fuels: 3,393.8 million (1.9%)
  • Fish: 2,372.5 million (1.8%)

Pakistan’s top 10 exports represent 79.3% of the total value of its global shipments. Copper was the fastest growing producer among the 10 main types of exports, with a growth of 182.6% between 2018 and 2019. Second place was non-synthetic and crochet-free clothing or accessories, with an increase of 33.7% to improve export sales. The delivery of garments and accessories made or crocheted in Pakistan increased by 15.9 percent. The largest cotton claim in Pakistan’s top 10 export categories was an annual decrease of -50.2%.

Pakistan has highly positive net exports in international trade in clothing related products. In turn, these cash flows indicate Pakistan’s strong competitive advantages in various categories related to clothing.

Pakistani Export Companies

Based on Forbes Global 2000 rankings, the subsequent are samples of world-class Pakistani companies.

Oil and gas development (oil operations)

Pakistan State Oil (Oil Operations)

Wikipedia also lists Pakistan-based companies that export their products. The selected examples are shown below.

  • Dalda (vegetable oil)
  • Engro Corporation (fertilizers, petrochemicals)
  • Ghani Automobile Industries (motorcycles)
  • Ittefaq group (steel)
  • Ittehad Chemicals Limited (chemicals)
  • Khaadi (hand-woven clothing)
  • Madina Sugar Mills (PVT) Limited (sugar)
  • Master Motors (truck manufacturer)
  • Murree Brewery (drinks)
  • Servis Tires (tire manufacturer)

Results of Pakistani Exports           

Overall, Pakistan had a trade deficit of 17 17.1 billion during 2019, down -53.3% from 36 36.6 billion in red ink a year ago. Pakistan’s exports are shown below which results in negative net exports or trade deficit for products. These negative net exports indicate product categories in which the foreign expenditure of Pakistani goods in the country of origin is at the expense of the Pakistani importer on foreign products.

  • Machinery including computers: US 9 4.9 billion (18% lower than 2018)
  • Machinery and electrical equipment: – 4.5 billion (up to 4 7.4 billion)
  • Iron, steel: – 3 2.3 billion (down -37.4%)
  • Organic chemicals: – 2 billion (down -28.9%)
  • Mineral fuels, including oil: $ 1.9 billion (down -88.9))
  • Plastics, plastic products: – 1.5 billion (down -31.2%)
  • Synthetic filaments: $ 1.4 billion (up to 4 104.2 billion)
  • Vehicles: – $ 1.1 billion (down -55.4))
  • Oils: – 75 975.5 million (down -28.1%)
  • Pharmaceutical products: – 3 793.2 million (up to 16.2%)

Pakistan has a very negative net export and therefore has a deep deficit in the international trade of machinery related equipment, especially computers, flow pumps, piston engine parts and air conditioners.

Pakistanis need to awake

It is very important for Pakistanis to get awaken in this era of technology. Allah has blessed Pakistan with best of knowledge and power but we don’t appreciate them. If the youth of this country is properly addressed and motivated towards new trends of technology, then no one in this world can compete them. We need to be united and facilitated. First of all, the education and cure of diseases in Pakistan should be affordable and secondly there is a need to explore the technical ways to teach children. They must be educated along with technical awareness of education. Because it is about to learn and explore not cramming. We as a nation should try to spend our leisure time in useful way not playing ludo king, PUBG, etc. Try to compete with the world. It is always said that we should try to become a player of race not a spectator. If we work hard then there is no force in the world can raise the value of dollar. If we value our rupees then the world will value our currency. The US dollar is in peril of being replaced as a worldwide reserve and trading currency. It has already started. China started a major state-run digital currency test and used the e-RMB to trade on its exchanges. The pegging of the dollar on stock trading and decided to officially trade using the Chinese Yuan instead of the dollar, rendering the dollar non-existent in Chinese trade. We have had cryptocurrencies before, like bitcoin, but never one that is managed by a major economy. A sovereign alternative digital currency will lessen the impact of any sanctions the U.S. imposes, such as Iran. That’s not all: China now intends to pay its public servants in the digital currency starting in May. Then the dragon is awake and moving. And the US and its puppets must be careful.

In this new situation, it would be a good idea for the government of Pakistan to form a working group to determine how to deal with this new situation, how to take advantage of it, and how to live in a world without dollars. In other words, a world that is not pressurized by the dollar. The dollar will not disappear entirely, but will simply fall back to a high degree of irrelevance, as has the pound sterling, which was once the primary currency. Then “Made in Pakistan” will get wheels and someday God willing, it will start to fly. Allah has bestowed Pakistan with best things like;

  • Best brains
  • Best talent
  • Best teachers
  • Best industrialists
  • Best resources

If the corruption is uprooted from Pakistan, then our country can get progress by leaps and bounds. Pakistan can get highest rank in the trading and business by honest means and methods. If the people of Pakistan are sincere with their country, then no one in this world can compete them. Pakistan is land of beautiful sources with beautiful talent. Pakistan can get progress by leaps and bounds by working day and night. Days and nights are equal both for the people of developed countries and under developed countries. It is up to the people of the under developed countries to work hard and try to shift their moral in the list of developed countries.

Corruption is the termite biting the best and powerful positions in Pakistan. It is the duty of every Pakistani to love its country. Use Pakistani made things. Pakistan is the land of pure people. It is a request to every Pakistani to be pure so that our image can remain up to the world. Keep your image strong so that everyone in this world can try to come in the list of pure people. Try to keep your morale as high as you can. It will bring fruit in the future Inshaa Allah. World Tourism Forum 2021, Islamabad Pakistan



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[…] “Made in Pakistan” Initiative by Ministry of Science and Technology […]


[…] “Made in Pakistan” Initiative by Ministry of Science and Technology […]


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