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Fatima Nasir mountaineer young star of Pakistan

Words of fear and impossibility are not in my life, Fatima Nasir of Lahore

Words of fear and impossibility are not in my life, Fatima Nasir a young star of Pakistan []

From mountaineering and aviation to make-up, performing arts and braille throwing. Fatima has done everything in her 25-year life. That a normal man would spend a lifetime doing. She says girls can give her example to their parents.

My mother used to tell me when I was a kid that “Have you ever seen another girl do what you do?”.  Today other girls can tell their parents about I have a girl. That Fatima is also there, she is also doing this. This was said by Fatima Nasir, who cannot be introduced because of a single virtue. Because she has done in her 25 years of life. Everything that a common man would take a lifetime to do.

Fatima from Lahore is the daughter of a soldier. She has passed the second level of mountaineering. She claims to be the first Pakistani girl to pass this level. He climbed Hunza‘s Hopper Glacier and passed both levels.

Stages of Mountaineering

At the first stage you inaugurate to mountain apparatus, she explains At stage two is difficult, in it you learn to climb and save yourself. The stage where you have ice in your hands and shoes with thorns in your feet. You slip your shoes into the snow and pull yourself up with both accesses.

Fatima thinks mountaineering is a way of life, not something you learn, play. Then you give up. Once you try it, it’s hard to get out of it. He says the Hopper Glacier was his greatest experience since the Raka. “I am not afraid. This word is not in my life. But for a little bit of time, I feel fear. Then my trainer helps me to get out of this fear. He said to me that fear is just in your mind only. If I’m scared, who’s going to scare the kids I teach swimming into?

In addition to mountaineering, Fatima plays music, flies, scuba diving, painting, equestrian, calligraphy, taekwondo, cycling, performing arts, swimming, and javelin throwing. Also, she plays polo, is also a chief and make-up artist. As well as becoming a physiotherapist.

“There is a lot in Pakistan,” he said. People go abroad to travel, but I think we have so much in our own country. That you don’t have to go anywhere else. I love my country very much. Yes, some things are bad, the government here is a bit loose. People are a little old-fashioned but that doesn’t mean you have to leave the country. If there are some problems in the house. You can solve them by staying inside the house and not leaving the house.

 The Issue faced as a girl in a society

Girls are facing many problems, like parental permission, society. In-laws, after marriage problem, money issue, etc.

I don’t see locks in my life, the word impossible is not in my life. Fatima says that I don’t see obstacles, even if there is an obstacle like I don’t have money. I find a way to remove that obstacle. I sell my artwork, work hard and get rid of my money barriers. ‘

Where Fatima does so much, she is also fond of collecting antiques. If you go to their room, you can see something everywhere. Between all their medals and certificates, looking at old-fashioned cameras, TVs, radios, sewing machines. You feel like you’ve gone back in time.

Besides, they also kill insects, animals, flowers, leaves, etc. They also have a pet snake.

Fatima Nasir appeared in her interview and talked about her journey. She talked about her journey as a mountaineer started. Fatima also revealed she loves sports and knows swimming, musawari, cooking, mountaineering, horse-riding, archery, physiotherapy. She even knows how to fly a plane and can also know how to play polo.

Fatima as an extreme sports girl

Fatima said “I’m very much into extreme sports. I still have to try paragliding, troop gliding, and many other sky sports.

Fatima believes that by increasing mental capacity a person can achieve anything.

Fatima said: ” I do this all with the help of my friends because they were climber. I then found this institute with internationally certified instructors”.

“The routine was tough. We had to get up quickly and wash our faces with cold water. Then have breakfast until 8 in the morning. Then leave for mountaineering at 10 in the morning with all your belongings.

“Others included some students from LUMS. Both levels at the same time were done by me and I was the only girl there. She added that she is the only girl who has done her job successfully.

“I almost surrender because it elaborates so much,” he added. But I satisfy myself that I could do it.

Fatima also said her mother sometimes worries about her “I always take her into confidence. But my mother is bothered by polo, fire breathing, and cycling on long journeys.

A Confident Girl example for the girls of Pakistan

A Superwoman from Lahore knows mountaineering, archery, swimming, horseback riding, physiotherapy, Missouri, cycling, cooking. Also can play polo and even fly a plane.

When asked which sport she faced the most difficult or challenging, Fatima said: “I don’t think I’ve felt any difficulty. A person is not just physically but mentally. But if you increase your mental capacity, you can do whatever you want.

Fatima said after she learned of mountaineering through her friends. She had to make her way towards it. “My friends were climber, that’s how I found out. Then I found this institute with internationally certified instructors.” She said she completed two levels in just three days. “The routine was tough. We leave for mountaineering by 10 am with all our equipment.”

Fatima was the only girl in the camp with her younger brother. “Others included some students from LUMS. I was the only girl who worked on both levels at the same time, and the only girl who did them successfully.

However, there was a point where Fatima felt defeated. “I almost gave up because it involved so much, but I’m fresh and I’m sure I can do it.” Although her parents have always supported her. Fatima also has a certificate in cookery, even can make desserts, bakery items, and cocktails.

Fatima advised the parents to instill confidence in their children. She said that the children should also fulfill the trust of the parents.



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[…] Fatima Nasir mountaineer young star of Pakistan […]


[…] Fatima Nasir mountaineer young star of Pakistan […]

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