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How important to wear a fit bra? Best bras in Pakistan

How important to wear a fit bra? Best bras in Pakistan
How important to wear a fit bra? Best bras in Pakistan

How important is to wear a bra?

The clothing, someone wear in the societal occasions or get together needs a body which is properly shaped then a bra helps to keep the shape of body. It helps to hide the nipples. The women who have smaller breasts need not to wear a bra, but the women with heavy boobs need bra which is sometimes more inconvenient for them rather than being helpful. They need to strap the bra all the times. So strong bras are made for them.

Bras are fantastic but sometimes they are also very annoying because they hurt the skin.

Ease; bra provides comfort and support because it keeps the breast away from bouncing and pressure. It avoids long lasting skin-skin contact which can cause sweating and rash.

Style; these are one of the accessory which affect to fit the garments. It is a part of fashion.

Social; when someone is conservative for ones dressing then one should be conscious of the shape of the body which can be maintained with the help of bra. Bra wearing is one of the personal preference in women’s dressing just like socks, underwear, hats, gloves, etc.

Mostly bras are used for nipple coverage in young girls. With the growing up of girls the size as well as the nature of bra is changed. Middle school girls use gym bras for packing up of breast. It leads towards cuteness. In pre-teen age the bra becomes made of prettier fabric so that one may look gorgeous by wearing it. In college life when the breast has fully grown mostly girls use pretty bras in their wardrobe in order to look pretty and full support of breast. These bras prevent the breast from bouncing and give a gentle look. At the age of late 20 when a woman is fully grown then it is more necessary to be fit so that you can look even prettier. In this age one may need bust line bra so that one may look beautiful. This kind of bra shape bust line into round and uplifted position.

Uses of bra

Following are some of the main uses of bra;

  • Bras are commonly known as “intimate wear”. It not only provides support but also enhances the breast. This will help to boost the confidence and positive attitude in women.
  • The bras which contain pads are made of gel or water or foam. These pads prevent nipples show to some extent. Fully padded bras have thick pads which are more effective towards nipple show. Push-up bras will help to lift the breasts fully and women look diligent in these bras.
  • Bras prevent sagging of breasts and used to maintain the curvature and shape of the chest. If a woman or a girl not wear bra for a long time it will deform the shape of chests and flattened them.
  • Bras play an important role in the protection of breasts. As breast is soft and delicate organ of body so bras provide them protection any external puncture.
  • When a woman does not wear a bra for a long time the connective tissues of chest become damage and this will cause sagging of chest tissues and thus a bra helps the body to prevent from any kind of injury.

Kinds of Bras

  • The bras which are molded do not contain any kind of pads but they have cups which are most likely padded bras. These bras are worn under T-shirts.
  • Women with round breasts can shape their breasts using underwire bras. These bras force the busts to fit the wire separately which gives a stunning look to women.
  • Most of the bras contain straps which hold the bra intact with shoulders. Caged bras contain multiple straps which cover most of the shoulder.
  • Some bras contain detachable straps which are used to wear sleeveless clothes.
  • Transparent bras can also be used instead of wearing strapless bras. These are also helpful to wear backless or shoulder less clothing.
  • Mostly bras have hooks or buttons to unclasp it. Those women who find it difficult can use front open bras.
  • Those girls who have developing breasts can use bralettes or starter bra as well as training bra.
  • Some bras are designed for specific occasions or functions just like bridal bras which help to wear wedding outfits by bridals. These help them to fit their posture and be comfortable in outfits.
  • Some bras which are used by mothers are known as feeding bras.
  • Sports bras are specially designed for athletes. These help to comfortably do physical exercise. These will help avoid any ligament injury or discomfort.

Reasons to wear bras

There are two main reasons which help women to wear bras;

  1. Support

Masses of fat with milk glands are called as breasts. Breasts have no bones, ligaments or muscles. The breast bounces as the owner moves. Bra provides support to the breasts. Most Attractive Breast Size And How To Enlarge It Naturally

  1. Simplicity  

Bras provide invisibility to nipples. It also minimizes the visibility of aureole by compressing the nipples. This will provide the modesty to bras.

Other reasons to wear bras

  1. Fashion

The variety of colors, fabrics and cuts in bras provide the different styles and fashion towards the sense of wearing bras. It also enhances the sense of clothing and wearing towards different outfits.

  1. Self esteem

Bras shape the body of women and this will develop confidence in them to walk in this world.

  1. Sex appeal

Pretty bras can make your shape and this will appeal sex.

Why girls wear bras?

Breasts mostly contain fat, glands and connective tissues and these tissues can be protected by wearing bras. The large weight breasts can be easily supported with the help of bras.

Purpose of wearing bra

Women and girls wear bras for many purposes as;

  • They help to show cleavage.
  • Sweating can be controlled under the bust.
  • They enhance the beauty.
  • Provides ease against backache and spine issues in bulky women.
  • They constantly cross their arms around their chest
  • Cleavage can be shown easily
  • Baggy clothes should be worn
  • The posture of women changes who have huge busts
  • Climbing up and down the stairs become uncomfortable

What is the right time to wear bra?

The chests start developing in most girls during the age of 10 or 11 years. Some has start developing during the age of 8 years. Following are some indications when a girl needs a bra;

  • When your chest is no longer flat
  • When girls become self-conscious because others look at their chest
  • Bouncing of busts start during walking
  • Changing of posture during leaning in order to hide the busts

Bras during pregnancy

During pregnancy busts become sensitive and feel uncomfortable in clothing. Breasts may become painful if there is no bra worn by women. During labor sometimes milk starts leaking from the nipples so it is necessary to wear a bra during pregnancy. If women don’t wear bra during pregnancy then it is very hard for them to wear after childbirth. Some bras are specially designed for pregnancy;

Vest top support
Bras of maternity
Nursing bras, etc.

Sports bras VS Pretty bras

Sports bras are very helpful during workout as they prevent from any kind of breast damage. So they are preferred over pretty bras during work, exercise and walking. Otherwise bras are best option to give a fine posture to one’s body.

Health benefits of wearing a bra

When a bra is absolutely fitted then the weight of the bust will be fully managed and the rib-cage is free which makes you look prettier and sexier which will boost up the confidence which is good for self-esteem.

Steps to ensure good fitting of a bra

Following are the steps which ensure the good fitting of a bra;

  • About 80% support of a bra is from band at the back side
  • The wires of the bra should be fitted above the rib cage
  • Cups of the bra should be encompassed completely
  • Straps  provide only 10% support to the bra
  • Bridge of the bra should be ideally flat
  • It feels absolutely comfortable to wear a bra.

Can we wear bra 24/7?

Most of the medical experts don’t recommend the wearing of bra whole day and night. Mostly non-wired bras are manufactured for sleeping only which provide slight support to the busts.

Wearing of bra and its washing

If a woman wears a bra daily then its lifetime can be enhanced for three months and women are advised to visit the bra expert after six months for new updating.

Bra brands in Pakistan

Following are the top brands of bras in Pakistan;

  • Bras of Aire
  • Sonari bras
  • Bras made by Laika
  • Aire Bras
  • Espico bras
  • Bras of Valerie
  • Comforts bra
  • Panache bra

Health and fitness problems related to wearing of bras

It’s an old myth that wearing of a bra causes breast cancer. A bra which is well-fitted has no critical consequences towards health. Besides this an ill-fitting bra causes the poor posture, pain in back and neck, shoulder pain which causes numbness in fingers. These kinds of pain can shutter the confidence of a person as well.

Not wearing a bra can lead to stretching of skin beyond its elasticity. This will cause increase in chest pain and permanent deformation of the shape of breast. During every month menstrual cycle the size of breast fluctuate which can be controlled by using a perfect bra. It is very important to have a look on your breast after the bath of menstruation in order to check if any kind of lump you see in your breasts. If find then immediately rush towards your physician.  It was also said that the women who wear bras more than 12 hours a day are more likely to develop breast cancer. It is due to the restriction in their lymph system which produce toxins in the breast and leads towards breast cancer. So it is very important to examine the breast after regular intervals. From a research it was concluded that the women who wear underwire bras have more chances to have breast cancer. So the women who are overweight and have large breast can also become the victims of breast cancer. Most women prefer tight fitting bras in order to look decent and pretty but they don’t know the risk factors of acquiring breast cancer and other problems from this kind of fashion. Tight bras inhibit the proper circulations of blood in breast which results in the weakening of breast muscles and as a result the breast become fragile and begin to sag. Similarly the lymph tissues of breast are strongly affected. Similarly the women who wear bra for more than twelve hours have less oxygen supply and nutrients towards the cells of breast and they are at higher risk to suffer from breast cancer. Some of the lymphatic vessels are too fragile that they are compressed with the pressure of bra and as a result pain starts in breasts. The tight bra also cause the growth of fungus beneath the breast and this will lead to development of black marks on your skin which does not enhance the beauty of a woman. This fungus growth if does not controlled and treated well, it happens again and again on your body after regular intervals. So it is better to visit a dermatologist to cure this kind of infection. Mostly man attract towards the breast and then it will not cause any kind of attraction and your sex is disturbed. When a woman wears a bra at night it will cause a black pigmentation, dark and black spots along with uneven skin on the breast. This body condition is known as hyper-pigmentation. It will cause too much irritation and allergy on the skin. So it is very wise to use a bra but choose a bra which is good for your health not your beauty. Because if you are alive and healthy then you are available to enjoy your life and have sex. So prefer your health on your beauty. Stay health stay beautiful.

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[…] How important to wear a fit bra? Best bras in Pakistan […]


[…] How important to wear a fit bra? Best bras in Pakistan […]

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