How to apply and get Digital Franchise Post Office?


Digital Franchise Post Office

The initiative taken by department of post office of Pakistan is to promote the posts digitally in this era of technology. This initiative program is known as digital franchise post offices. It is abbreviated as DFPO. This initiative has been looked after by Pakistan Post foundation logistics division (PPFLD). This is characterized as the master franchise of Pakistan Post.

How to submit application and become owner of Digital Franchise Post Office?

The Pakistan Post

It is the post service of Pakistan which is responsible for the regulations of posts in Pakistan. This department is headed by the ministry of federal government of Pakistan. It is covering about 12000 locations at a time in the whole country by providing services for postal delivery, couriers and massive objects nationwide. It provides a connection between people. Pakistani post offices are present in almost each city, town and local area of Pakistan. It is easily in the reach of every Pakistani.

Foundation of Digital Franchise

The foundation of Pakistan post office was founded in 1890 under the Charitable Endowment Act.  It was basically formulated for the well-being of employees of post office and their family members as well as relatives. It has offered many programs to these families and these programs include;

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Family support
  • Marriages of children, etc.

In this age of technology and newness, the digital franchise includes the state of technology in delivering goods. It is a platform where a proper and streamlined booking of goods is possible. Similarly tracking, shipping and delivery of different articles can be possible. The digital franchise is low cost franchise for transfer of goods and couriers. It is a trustworthy franchise working under government of Pakistan. It offers those deliveries that are not even provided by Pakistan Post. The prices of the transfer are very low as compared to other private courier services in Pakistan.

Characteristics Digital Franchise of Post Office

Following are the main characteristics of this franchise in Pakistan

  1. Modern Face

This franchise is a modern face and part of Pakistan post. Apart from furniture and digital branding the main purpose of digital franchise is to uplift the standard of Pakistan Post which has been declined since last several years. The main purpose of this franchise is to offer customer services to the customers. It does not depend on the locality as its services are equal for all kinds of localities.

2. Quality of service

The service quality offered by this franchise is very good. Its staff is very competent which full time is ready to satisfy their customers. This franchise offers best services at very low price.

3. Transport through mail

The digital franchise system has offered a mail system for the delivery of goods. This system consists of a computer-aided software. This facility is very useful for customer help. A digital platform is provided by the government of Pakistan. The transport facility is feasible all across Pakistan. The mailing is done through a digital platform which is computer-aided.

4. Booking via digital franchise

A very simply and modern designed digital platform is used by the Pakistan Posts. This platform contain a specified barcode labels in order to identify, tracking and billing the customers for respective postal addresses. The old post system contained a manual record of booking and customer service.

5. Sorting

The customer detail can be sorted out via mail. All the data is available to the all postal franchises in order to avoid any kind of ambiguity. So this makes the delivery faster and easier for the people as well as the staff.

6. Tracing and tracking of people

All the people can be traced and tracked easily either them are sender or receiver. Similarly a person have a tracking identity on its receiving slip where he/she can easily check about the shipping details of his/her articles. This brings a peace of mind to the people.

7. Value of products and services

The main aim of Pakistan government is to facilitate its nation. This is a very profitable franchise. More goods are now being added in the portfolio like eCommerce business model which were not posted by the Pakistan posts. Now it has also been thought to introduce the eCommerce types items to deliver like men and women cloths, grocery, stationary, made in Pakistan items via this franchise in order to make it more profitable. It is also being used in the paying of utility bills as well.

Procedure to apply for Digital Franchise

Following steps must be taken to get the affiliation of this franchise;

  1. Filling of an online form
  2. After filling make a contact with the number mentioned on form
  3. A face to face meeting between the person who wants affiliation and Pakistan institute of Computer Sciences
  4. Partners having contact
  5. Screening
  6. The final approval
  7. Agreement of franchise
Submit your application for Digital Franchise Post Office by Pakistan Post via []
Submit your application for Digital Franchise Post Office by Pakistan Post via []

Usage of Technology will improve Pakistan Post

This is a very good initiative taken by government of Pakistan. It is helping in education as well. The students of Pakistan’s renowned institution of education i.e. Allama Iqbal Open University send their assignments and other details to their tutors using this service. The government is working great job for the welfare of its people. In old days or few years back, a lot days were gone in the wait of posts. Now it is very easy for a person to check the details of one’s articles if they are shipped or not.

Utility Bills Paying by Digital Franchise Instantly

Technology has revolutionized our lives. We must admire this initiative of our government. Now paying of bills is very easy. Similarly if the initiative of grocery shipping if taken could be proved very valuable. People can easily be able to exchange the edibles via this franchise.  This franchise is working in almost every big or small city of Pakistan. We Pakistani are getting benefits from the services provided by this great initiative of Post of Pakistan.

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