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Dirilis Ertugrul Ghazi World’s Most Watched Drama Serial

World's Most Famous and Top viewed Global Drama Series [youngstars.pk]
World's Most Famous and Top viewed Global Drama Series [youngstars.pk]
World’s Most Famous and Top viewed Global Drama Series [youngstars.pk]

Ertugrul Ghazi of Dirilis download in Hindi / Urdu dubbed

In Pakistan, one of the best Turkish dramas shown has top ratings and a massive fan base. This is one of these mega-series. It is one of the dominant series with the largest massive following based on the drama. This drama series is very popular in Turkey. But it is also gaining fame in the South Asian region with the passing of time. Now Pakistani people can watch it on YouTube as well as on PTV in Urdu dubbing.


There are lots and lots of YouTube channels dubbed in Urdu by Dirilis Ertugrul, but the best is PTV’s TRT Ertugrul, i.e. The national channel of Pakistan. This entertainment channel has over 6.7 million YouTube subscribers and is currently viewing their videos with an impressive 876 million views. Here, you can try them out. Nearly every day, they upload new Urdu-dubbed episodes, so that you can always keep up to date with the story. They have uploaded 63 episodes in Urdu at the time of publishing. So expect them to upload dubbed episodes in the future from season 2 as well.


Several Facebook pages are available, too. That will load the Dirilis Ertugrul’s Urdu dubbed episodes. But many may be low-quality accounts or fake ones. This page appears to upload videos in separate, smaller sections, but in Urdu dubbing, it also claims to have season 2 episodes available. Ertugrul Ghazi Drama in Urdu & English has more than 12,000 scores for the best application apps. Though this app has high-quality dubbing in season 1, there are only episodes with Urdu subtitles in the following seasons.


Ertugrul was Osman’s father. The father of the Ottoman dynasty was Osman. For 600 years, he ruled a large part of the world.

The first time this drama series was shown in Turkey was in 2014. It is composed of 5 seasons. TRT, which is a Turkish radio and television franchise, has dramatized it. Nearly 60 nations around the world have watched this drama. Pakistanis noticed it during the quarantine. With millions of views, this drama has gained attention. The people of Pakistan have made social media pages with their memes. This drama’s dialogues have also found their place in Pakistani society.

He has found the best followers on Youtube. Her new episodes are broadcast every night on PTV. The best dubbed episodes are in Urdu, with the best HD view uploaded.

Season One, Season 1

Heroic Ertrgrul rescued a family from the Knights Templar in 13th century Anatolia, unaware of their noble heritage and the enemies they would attract. Winter is entering the camp of Sul e Man Shah. Ertugrul recuses prisoners from the Crusaders during a search. On the other hand, Kurdoglu, Suleyman Shah’s blood brother, betrays Ertugrul, Suleyman Shah, and the Bey of the Kay. Brave Ertugrul destroys all their plans and kills him.

Brave Ertugrul then continues his journey to Aleppo and convinces the Emir of Aleppo to see the facts. After struggling, Kayi eventually transferred to Aleppo. The Kayi are ordered by Sul e Man Shah to siege the Templar Castle. They succeed and the Kayi rejoice in the marriage of a strong Ertugrul army bey to Turgut Alp and Aykiz to a brave daughter of Deli Demir. Soon after that, the brave Ertugrul married Halima, too. Then, following the will of Suleyman Shah before he died, the Kayi migrated to the Seljuk-Mongolian border in Anatolia, near Erzurum. The Kayi tribe is dealing with their sudden loss. Hayma is calling a conference to shape a plan against new threats.

The 2nd Season

During the second season, the Mangols captured Ertugrul. Then they had the Qai tribe burnt. Those that have survived. His brother’s tribe, headed by Haima Khan, took refuge. To battle the Mongols, the two tribes united so that the tribe could be powerful. Meanwhile, the Hayma Khan-led Kayi Tribe seeks refuge with the Dodurga tribe, led by her brother, Korkut Bey. Hayma, Ertugl’s girlfriend. Ertugrul targeted the Mangols. Many injuries have occurred. In pursuit of Ertugrul, when the Kayis go. The ring of Ertugrul resembles a burning coal pile. He thinks that Ertugrul has died. The news shook the tribe of The Kai. Halima Sultana was really worried about Ertugrul’s return. Noyan attacked Ertughal physically. Nailing the hands of Ertughal. The escape of Ertugrul from the Mongols and eventual return to his tribe causes internal conflict between him and Temoor Tugtekin, his cousin. The Dodurga’s Head Alp.

Aytolun, with the assistance of Emir Sadettin Kopek, plots behind his back to help her brother Gumustekin become the margrave. Hayma Khan had Ertugrul sent into exile. Tugtekin challenges him, but Ertugrul informs Tugtekin that he is a traitor to his Alp Kocabash. The Mongols were about to come. Kucabash changed sides with Noyan as soon as Ertugrul left. His soldiers wounded Tugtakin seriously and pronounced him dead. Kocabas goes to the tent of a nomad. He informs all that Tugtakin was killed by Ertugrul. As a revenge, Ertugrul chops his head. It’s when he comes to the nomad tent. Korkut throws a knife that pierces Hayma Khan at him. His Alps save him after Ertugrul’s execution and Tugtekin appears, which improves the situation.

From Tugtekin, the head of the Alps retreats and surrenders to Gundogdu. Tugtekin marries Gokce. With the arrival of Sungurtekin, the long-lost brother of Ertuğrul, the tension escalates. Aytolun and Goncagul stole the Oghuz seal from Sungurtekin. Aytolun poisons both herself and Korkut. And he accuses Banu Cicek, an adopted daughter of Korkut. Ertugrul reveals her truth to Gundogdu and Hayma khan, and prevents Gundogdu from marrying Goncagul.

They go to battle in secret with Aytolun, the Gumustekin. To the creek bed, Goncagul leads Selcan and Halima Sultan. Aytolun takes advantage of Halima’s pregnancy after a fierce battle, and her knee is in her womb. Goncagul escapes. Goncagul and Noyan fall in love. Gokce was abducted from the nomadic tent that killed Goncagul. Noyan martyred Gokce and Tugtekin afterwards. Gunduz, Ertugrul’s son, was born. Turgut stomps angrily that Ertugrul will not allow Noyan to be killed and his vengeance taken. Ertugrul fatally injures Noyan, who seeks to attack Gunduz.

Moreover, until that moment, the cousin of Ertugrul, Tugtekin, and his uncle, Korkut, were gone. In the end, Ertugrul, the Sultan of Halima, his brother, Dundar, Gunduz, and Hayma Khan, along with 400 others, move to the western tip of Anatolia, leaving behind the rest of the Kayi tribe. Soldiers assault Sadattein Kopek. Destroy them and Yigit Alp. Bogac attempts to get Gunduz killed. He killed Turgut. Who rescues Ertugrul and Gunduz appoints him head of the Alps. They are migrating near the Byzantine Seljuk border to a new fertile land.

The 3rd Season

Ertugrul manages the Çavdar (Çavuldar or Candaroğlullari) clan in the third season, the most impressive clan in Anatolia’s western district. Be that as it may, Ural is shrewd and looks for the beylik of his father, and accomplishes this effectively. Ural Bey is sentenced to death for his role in the annihilation of land, the execution of Ertugrul’s troops, and the slaughter of Karacahisar Chateau’s Tekfur(governor).

With Amir Sadettin’s aid, Ural was freed. Vasiliyus, the new chief of Karacahisar, is looking for support. Who wants a ludicrous fight against the Turks. Afterwards, Dundar bey starts to gaze at Gunyeli with all starry eyes, but Ural serves the father of Gunyeli hatuns. Dundar was certain that Gunyeli did not care about her dad, so he revealed to her that he and Dogan were going on a mystery mission to Konya. Gunyeli reported this information to her dad, who was educating Ural Bey at that point. When Konya approached them, Dundar was assaulted by Ural Bey. During the non-attendance of Ertugrul and New Bey Aliyar of Cavdar.

Ertugrul teams to crush Vasiliyus along with Aliyar Bey, but Aliyar Bey bites the dust en route. Beesma, who became a Muslim later and changed her name from Helena to Hafsa Hatun. The Seljuk Ruler came to his western outskirts for study. He was killed by Ertugrul. Vasiliyus was trying to capture him. Ertugrul asks Turgut to marry Aslihan, who admits, in order to reinforce his relations with the Cavdars.

The 4th Season.

Ertugrul, in the fourth season. Ares got Ertugrul hijacked. Ertugrul executes him after Bahadir Bey’s foul play and vanquishes Karacahisar, leaving Ares to go on the chase. Karachaisar’s triumph prompted Ertugrul to make a move against Kopek, whose bad form undermined the state of Seljuk. Ertugrul catches Ares after a bombed snare and threatens to free him in the event that he reveals to the Ruler about the wrongdoings of Kopek.

Ares converts to Islam and becomes Ahmet, and stands in for Ertugrul as a secret agent. The King calls for a meeting with Ertugrul, who reveals everything to him. Giyaseddin becomes the new Ruler, detaining Ertugrul before he is rescued by Ibn Arabi.

Ertugrul attempts to convince Gunalp of the poor conduct of Kopek, but it falls flat. Kopek kills Kilic Arslan, Giyaseddin’s sibling, and keeps on to power in the royal residence. Giyaseddin is issuing an execution warrant for Kopek, who currently has enough force to become the king. Aslihan Hatun takes Aliyar’s sword and leaves the clan covertly to assassinate Kopek. She had explosives that forced her to die and Sadettin almost passed by. Ertugrul hacks off Kopek’s head in an epic standoff with the help of Sungurtekin and Husamettin Karaca.

The banquets began. The Mongols started to make Anatolia out of here, and Ogedei Han sent the resurrected Bayju Noyan as an emissary to the Selyuks.

The 5th Season

The fifth season occurs 10 years after the Kose Dag Clash, where the Mongols assumed power over the Seljuk state (which is not included in the agreement).

The presence of the Umurogullari, the new appraisal gatherers, disturbs the Sogut equalization. A disadvantaged Byzantine officer, Dragos, attempts to vanquish Sogut. In Sogut, Dragos massacred Umur Bey.

Beybolat Bey appears. He is a skilled Seljuk killer who, under the phony name of Albasti, works with the Mongols to clear out the revolting Oguz Clans. The siblings of Ertugrul are on the run from Albasti, hiding in the mountains. Uranos appears as the new administrator of Lefke, assaults Beybolat Bey and his band, which ships charging assortments to Konya and also grabs Ilbelge. Uranus then professes, before Ertugrul, to be Dragos. Ertugrul gets the opportunity to lie to Uranos and chooses to set the counter trap. That shapes the strain further.

Ertugrul attacks the Mongols and takes the cost of gold in order to launch an enormous war. It triggers the passing of Ameer Bahattin with Albasti Dragos still on the loose. Hulagu Han sends Subutay and Chief Alincak to assault the Kayi clan. They order Ertugrul to hand the chest over or, more than likely, to end the life of Osman. Ertugrul would not hand the chest over to Dragos and Lefke Stronghold and their allies.

Ertugrul trades the chest for the right of his clan back (the true substance of which he took, and supplanted quite with skewed reports), and mortifies Alincak. Ertugrul saves him and pins the blame on Berke Han, the pioneer of the Genius Swarm, at a point when he knows that Alincak is trailing King Izzettin Kaykavus. In exchange for Gundogdu’s exculpation, he gives the Kaykavus area to Alincak, which would allow him to reestablish his clan.

Ertugrul takes back Sogut and his Beylik and destroys all the alps and banners of Umur. Beybolat, angry at Ertugrul, takes Suleyman, his nephew, and executes him under the guise of Albasti. Mergen, who he understands is a secret agent, is captured by Alincak and torments him before Ertugrul saves him. Bumsi arrives behind schedule during the fight between Ertugrul and his alps, Alincak and Albasti, which results in Alincak getting away.

Albasti’s men assaulted Hafsa and her children. Facts which Ertugrul discovered. The fake Albasti appears and murders Beybolat, believing that he has fooled Ertugrul. Bamsi defies Alincak in order to provide for Dragos, who has Aybars, and abducts him. Ertugrul spares Bamsi from the snare of Duragos, kills Alincak and catches Dragos.

Baybolat is making a deal with Duragos that will help him get out of Ertugrul. When Duragos’ execution arrives, Baybolat double crosses Duragos. And Ertugrul’s aides and his alps slaughter the men of Duragos who have entered Sogut. Ertugrul reveals himself to be Albasti, dazzling Ilbilge. Ertugrul takes part in a battle with Baybolat, and Gundogdu appears and hurts Baybolat. To get away, Baybolat jumps off a precipice into a waterway below and skims negligently downstream. Arikbuka, who was Hulgan’s administrator, safeguarded him.

Ertugrul and Gundogdu are preparing for Berk Han to haggle to launch a war with the Mongols. When Artibuka encountered Berke Han’s men, Artibuka followed Mergen and unwittingly led them to Ertugrul’s meeting spot. There is a battle between the Mongols and Beybolat on one side, and Ertugrul and his Alps on the other side. Bamsi finds hints of bolts used to shield Beybolat and takes them to Gundogdu, who recognizes them as Arikbuka’s and embarks to save Ertugrul. Gundogdu sets off in pursuit of Ertugrul. Areekbuka heard that Gundogdu was hunting for them and preparing a snare.

To try to usurp the beylik from Ilbilge and reestablish Beybolat, Sirma meets with Umorugullari beys. While taking Ertugrul to Areekbuka’s mystery cavern, Baybolat was trapped by Ilbilge and Abdur Rahman. Beybolat is executed by Ertugrul and tells Ilbilge to carry the body to her clan. Gundogdu fell into the snare of Areekbuka and washed himself with gas. He is saved by Ertugrul and Areekbuka goes on the run. The cadaver of Beybolat is carried back by Ilbilge, incensing Sirma.

Ertugrul dares to visit Berke Han with his alps in order to get updates on the Anatolian situation and to let him know of the agent of the government. Berke Han was Ertugrul’s closest adviser. On hearing news from Sungurtekin, Gundogdu & Selcan left the clan. Dundar is struggling with Iltekin’s injuries and they’re needed in their camp. Turgut and Ilbilge laid the Mongol covert operative’s snare and captured him. Ertugrul meets Berke Han and almost falls flat before letting the government operative know about him.

Ertugrul drops into Areekbuka’s snare, along with his alps. Berk Han had Ertugrul spared. The misled covert agent was discovered by him. The outcome is a fight and Arikbuka leaves again. Berke Han was executed by Areekbuka. Ertugrul marries Ilbilge and the Alps and Ertugrul, sending their ponies into battle, while Osman says he’s going to take the restoration and the Kayi banner all over the world.

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