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Pedophile Sohail Ayaz Sentenced to Be ‘Hanged till Death’ Thrice

Pedophile Sohail Ayaz Sentenced to Be ‘Hanged till Death’ Thrice []
Pedophile Sohail Ayaz Sentenced to Be ‘Hanged till Death’ Thrice []

Recently a court in Rawalpindi has decided to hang Sohail Ayaz to death. He raped three times and sentenced to death. He has also been accused of child sexual abuse. It was done on Dark Web. He was taken from the central jail of Adiala. Session judge Jahangir Ali Gondal along with the decision of additional district officer. He was placed under strict police custody. Under article, 367A the court has sentenced him to death three times. This decision was made after the proven prosecution against him. This prosecution was true for three cases. He was sentenced to imprisonment throughout his life. He was charged with a fine of Rupees 1.5 million. This punishment was under section 377 code of crime.

Sohail was also punished to 5 ½ years in jail. For the drug case, he was accused of twenty-five thousand rupees. His partner named Khurram was also sentenced to spend 7 years in Jail. After this decision the victim Sohail was sent to Adiala jail. He was sent to Adiala in last November of 2019. Rawalpindi police had arrested him for abusing children. He made videos of children. The city police officer named Faisal Rana said that Sohail is the head of the international Dark web. He has also confessed that he has raped about thirty children in Pakistan.

Police have further reported that Sohail has imprisoned in United Kingdom Jail and then he was deported to Pakistan. He was accused of molesting children there. The city police officer also said that in Italy he was accused of child abuse. Superintendent of Police named Rai Mazhar said that Sohail Ayaz was an inhabitant of Nilore near Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. He got married nine years ago. The family members of Sohail also showed a sense of dissatisfaction with him.

It has been further reported that the accused Sohail was working for the Civil Secretariat Planning department. He was working for the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government. He was talking about three Lac from the government per month. Besides this, he was also providing his services to a welfare institution in the UK at the international level. Sohail was stacked by the KPK government as a consultant. Along with Sohail, Khurram was also arrested for accompanying him in child abuse

According to a written verdict issued by session judge Jahangir Gondal, it has been written that Sohail Ayaz is found guilty of kidnapping three children. Khurram Tahir has been declared his companion in this crime. The court has decided to hang them three times under the section of 367-A. The decision has been made by the Pakistan Panel Code (PPC). It was declared that these absurd gave a high quantity of methamphetamine to children and then raped them. “Sohail should be hanged by the neck till his death” this suggestion has been given.

According the order of court Sohail has to pay rupees five lac as compensation to three families whose children have become the prey of his vindication. Further, the court has found that under sections of 337, 337-J & 292-C of Pakistan Panel Code (PPC). He used to make videos of small children and then upload websites that promote child pornography. So, he was sentenced three times to serve his life in Jail. Out of these years, about fifteen years should be spent in rigorous imprisonment and three sentences f spending about 7 years in the most painful era of jail. He has been charging about 4.5 million rupees as a fine. 

Khurram Tahir was also imprisoned for seven years. He has been fined three lacs. He was accused of abducting children. It has been noted by the court that Mr. Ayaz is a well-educated person but instead of serving humanity, he misused his education as well as his position. Ayaz has destroyed the bright future of the beautiful flowers of Pakistan.  He also had committed offenses against society. He is a rotten part of our society and culture. Although the government of the United Kingdom has convicted him and deported him he had not reformed himself. Rather he repeatedly raped children and exploited them.

He was such a malignant knot in this civil and cultured society. He deserves nothing but a very harsh and rough treatment by the people as well as the government of Pakistan. Such bastards need nothing but a very well surgical treatment. He has ended the innocence of several beautiful children. Such people usually forget that they do have children at their home. How they dare to exploit small children of others. Our Prophet PBUH has said that the children are the flowers of the garden of ALLAH. How they dare to demolish the children of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. They should be hanged publically so that every other person seeks refuge from them. It has been recommended that the court of Pakistan should not show any kind of leniency against such terrible wolves.

They have crushed the innocence of small children so they are not forgiven at any cost. Gondal has said that these are not human they are beasts. There is no place for them in Pakistan. These people usually forget Allah and they try to do whatever they want. But Allah has loosened their rope and they considered themselves as God. When Allah take revenge from such bastard then Shaitan also finds refuge from their punishment. Although Sohail was a well-educated person his education was useless when he crushed the beautiful flowers for the sake of his so-called nabs.

It is Allah who guides us on the right path. No one can guide a person right path whom Allah has strayed and no one can astray a person whom Allah has guided the right path. We humbly pray that Allah saves every child from the cruelty of such wolves. Sohail should be hanged publicly and the court should not show any kind of sympathy with him. May Allah throws him in havoc and he feels the pain thousands of times greater which he had given the small kids during their rap amen.



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