Attack Went Caught


To make feeble some country, their enemies try to attack their backbone. They always there to make such plans that may be harmful to a country. So how they used to meet their ambition, they attack the public places, on religious & historical places. But here I’m going to talk about an attack which was planned against the Pakistan Stock Exchange. Yes! They had the worst planned to destroy our backbone. But by Allah’s blessings, our volunteers make it impossible. Our enemies invested their money, they thought they would kill us & would destroy our economy but their plans live side by side, & our soldiers wipe out them on the gate.

It doesn’t matter what are the circumstances are there, is it hot or cold weather, is it raining or blow storm? When these people wear the uniform, they own their responsibilities; they are our guards it is their duty to protect us, to protect the prosperities & belongings of our country.
In the last year on 29 June 2020, in the morning about 10:10 am one car arrived at PSX. Four terrorists were there to attack PSX. But they don’t know about our soldiers that they are always ready to face them. Our soldiers bravely wipe out them in just 8 minutes. So let’s explore the spirits of our soldiers, how they wipe out the attackers.

Pride of Pakistan (The Hero Rafiq Soomro)

It was the sudden attack when the guard Rafiq Soomro hears the firing voice. They kill the security guard at the gate then passed through the gate. Rafiq Soomro takes the position to fight them. The terrorist wounded one man. He fought back to kill the terrorist, but the terrorist hide. As he comes out to fire on Rafiq Soomro, Rafiq Soomro shoots in his head, & he died on the spot. But the other terrorist was firing continuously, then he shoots on the hand of the terrorist & the rifle from terrorist hand fell. Then the next moment he shoots in the second terrorist head. In this way, the two terrorists go the hell by him.

The Hero Khalil Jataoi & Salim

By Khalil, he was on duty as in routine & he was alert, sudden he hears the firing voice. The terrorists were reached at the reception point. As the security guard had not latest weapons to fight them, so they took them aside to save their lives. Then Salim, who was not a guard he was just a driver, but when he saw Pakistan needs him, without thinking he comes into the battle against terrorists. The terrorist was to be looked out to kill Salim, & he was firing back and forth. Fortunately, he shoots in the terrorist’s breast. In the next moment, The Kahlil who was targeting the terrorist from the upper floor succeeds to shoot in the head of the fourth terrorist.

In this way, these three brave men fought against the terrorist to save PSX.
During this operation a sub-inspector Muhammad Shahid & the other two security guards got martyred, Seven were injured & they were shifted to the Civil Hospital.

Our land Pakistan is based on the blood of the martyred, & these martyred belong to every field. We have a responsibility to stop criticizing the Police department. By criticizing we forget their sacrifice their families sacrifice which they had done for us. They are on the duty even standing in the rain, in the summer days & the winter. They also have friends & family so think before speaking about them, yes corruption is in every field but never think everyone has the same thoughts and spirits. A father who loves his children, more than it he loves his responsibility and the homeland. Their uniform is their PRIDE. So our responsibility is to cooperate with them when they are on duty we should respect them.


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