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Aligning Perception with reality by NASFF (ISPR)

National Amateur Short Film Festival #NASFF Awards [youngstars.pk]
National Amateur Short Film Festival #NASFF Awards [youngstars.pk]

NASFF is one & only one film festival on National level where we can show the real image of Pakistan by making the short films. NASFF represents by ISPR which was launched on 9-Nov-2020. The purpose of launching NASFF is to showcase Pakistan’s real image to the world. It is an excellent opportunity for our enormously creative and talented youth, to exhibit their creativity and fair & to represent the real Pakistan to the world, by creating best shots producing short films on diverse thrilling theme. Pakistan is a land of enchanting landscape, steeped in rich culture diversity & the cradle of ancient Indus civilization. Through this platform, the youth will represent the perceptions with reality.

People make their perception by picture. Every country works on their perception management. Pakistan had to face the terror from last two decades. Our country’s enemies are trying to harm the dignity. But now today we won the battle against terrorism. This is time to align the good perception of Pakistan to reality. The reality of Pakistan is so beautiful & splendid; Allah has granted us such a blessing. NASFF is the part of this effort.

Pakistan is a country where the 60% of the population is comprises youth. That’s why NASFF took initiative to empower the youth. On this platform the youth will make the theme based short films so in this way they will bring an effective positive image in front of the world. To fulfill this dream in Nov-2020 a team was composed in which they contacted to different universities, & brand masters were established.

Participation Categories:

  • Colors of Pakistan
  • Pakistan A Cultural Melting Pot
  • Philanthropy in Pakistan
  • Empowerment through SMEs
  • Mobile film
  • Special film
  • Digital video production

Brand Ambassadors

  1. Humayun Saeed
  2. Mahira Khan
  3. Mashal Khan
  4. Wahaj Ali
  5. Bilal Abbas Khan
  6. Iqra Aziz
  7. Ayub Khosa
  8. Col. Qasim Khan
  9. Farhan Saeed
  10. Zara Noor Abbas
Picture Credit: ISPR

These are the brand ambassadors of NASFF who are putting their efforts to this festival.

On 20-Nov-2020 the ambassadors visit the universities to convince them to take part in this festival. But because of COVID-19 they organized it through webinar. As the result they got the good response & received hundreds quality short films from the universities. The Universities which took part in this festival are:

  • TMUC, Islamabad- 75 students
  • RIPHAH University–60 students
  • Bahria University Islamabad
  • NCA Lahore
  • BNU Lahore
  • UOF
  • Greenwich University Karachi
  • Fatima Jinnah Women College Islamabad
  • AJK University Muzafferabad
  • Sindh University Jamshoro

Awards and Scholarships

NASFF is only one film festival where top 15 participants will send to abroad for one year getting trainings of advanced film making.

Media also gives the coverage to this festival. On 30-Dec-2020 the date extended to 10th of January. On that day 72 Universities take part from all over the Pakistan.

The short films which got awards are:

NASFF was a thought which was sow by ISPR. To make a strong tree IT Minister Fawad Choudhary assists it. Without him it was impossible to fulfill this ISPR’s dream. He says that “modern world is based on the opinions. Media is a tool of a state that plays an important role to show the real image of the state. Basically, the duration of short films is 40 mints.”

In the Festival which recently held on 26-June-2021 the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan also took part in the NASFF ceremony. He really appreciated the efforts of the youth which they made to show the real Pakistan to the world. He Addressed that the world only valuable for the originality, not copied. We should promote our own culture. He said “Soft image come from self-esteem, people respect those who first respect himself. So Those who have no self-esteem, they copy to other people because they don’t believe themselves. So if we want to promote our soft image we should promote Pakistan. Our founders were great personalities; the greatness of Allama Muhammad Iqbal was that he brings the original thinking to awake the Muslim unity, so we need such a type of self-esteem.”

As this is the good initiative which is taken by ISPR which definitely promotes our real image towards the world. Which also been the source to promote media. Safe Tourism in Gilgit Baltistan



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