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Aqsa Ajmal becomes the first Pakistani selected for Lexus Design Award 2020

A young and talented girl of Pakistan who is proud of the whole nation. She is graduated from the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) with a degree of Industrial Design from the NUST School of Art, Design, and Architecture (SADA). Recently she has been selected as one of the top six finalists for the Lexus Design Award from around the world. She is the only first Pakistani who has achieved this milestone. She is especially the first Pakistani and foremost she is the only girl from Pakistan who has touched the skies of success internationally in the world of design and art.

Lexus Award

Lexus announced the six finalists in the last week of January for the final award of Lexus design 2020. For the achievement of this award people from 79 countries participated. 2042 groups presented their projects for achieving this award.

Aqsa Ajmal won the Lexus Design Award 2020

Key Principles of Lexus

For the submission of project Lexus has given criteria which are based on the following three principles;

  • Anticipate
  • Innovate
  • Captivate

The main emphasis should be based on the idea of better living for a better tomorrow.

Final Year Project of Aqsa

The final year project of graduation of Aqsa was named as Pursuit. It is a sewing machine that is specially designed for blind people of Pakistan. The people who are visually impaired with low-income families can easily use this machine to earn their living. The machine has specially designed features that help the blinds to become able to operate this equipment without any problem.

Recent Efforts of Aqsa on Project

Aqsa has recently attended a workshop with topmost designers in New York. All the designers are seemed to be really impressed with her work. Some of them have expressed their views by saying that this is the thing we all designers from the whole world are looking for. Currently, she is working on the prototype under the kind supervision of Mr. Jawwad Zaidi who is the co-inventor of this machine. Mr. Jawwad is the current head of the department (HOD) of SADA (School of Arts, Design, and Architecture). The prototype will be showcased in Italy in April 2020 at the Milan Design Week. She is working on the improvement of her design and the connections between people and her product.

Special Features of Miss Ajmal’s Design

 The machine is beautifully designed with a sound system through which differently able people can understand the instructions and guidelines of sewing. The sewing machine will be economic and it will help the people to enhance their sewing skills. It is also having the features of sewing, deigning embroidery and art.

Aqsa Ajmal invented the sewing machine for blinds

Academic History of Aqsa

Aqsa has claimed that she did not know anything particular about industrial design before coming to NUST. But her utmost and great efforts led her to success. Initially, she gave up her efforts and struggled for her grades. Then gradually as time progressed her determination toward a new goal led her to touch the skies of success. Thus she found herself in various domains of her degree.

Background Concept of Project

 The concept was based on the disability of one of Aqsa’s friends and neighbors who lost her eyesight in an accident. This accident snatches her studies form her. As we know that in Pakistan there is a special system of education for blind students i.e. brail which is quite an expensive system. Aqsa has done efforts to design such a project which not only helps her friend to earn a better living but also numerous Pakistanis so that they can join hands with normal human beings. Because they are not disabled but they are differently able.

Theme of Project

 The theme of her project is only based upon the idea that nobody in Pakistan which is visually impaired does not feel oneself down in this world of normal people. She said that she wanted to make her friend as valuable as she is. She wanted to see her as a valuable person she is not less than anyone. She said that disabled and blind people are equally normal as we. This project helps them feel valued and generate employment opportunities for them.

Applying for Lexus Design Award 2020

Aqsa has applied for Lexus when she went to Egypt for some kind of Internship during her graduation in 2019.

Aim of Her Project

At the Milan Design week, she is hoping to present her project to more people and more industrialists by creating a functional prototype. This will help her to get industrial support in order to commercialize her project. So that it can get access to the market.

First Pakistani young star Aqsa Ajmal selected for the Lexus Design Award 2020

Benefits to Country

Pakistan is the land where people like Aqsa Ajmal Malik, Aqsa Kauser, Arfa Kareem, Mahoor Shahzad, Shahida Abbasi, and Benazir are born. Allah has bestowed Pakistan with such talents. So it is the duty of our nation to appreciate these people. AQSA has markedly performed a wonderful task which is not only beneficial for disabled people but also for the normal ones. She has proved that these people are disabled but they differently able. Some people in Pakistan consider such people a burden on a family. Aqsa has just taken an initiative so it is the responsibility of other youngsters to create such projects which are not only beneficial for normal as well as for abnormal people.

Responsibility of Government

 It is the responsibility of government as well as non-private organization to promote such projects and also provide them with financial aid so that youngsters work hard for the betterment of their country not only economically but also scientifically.


Aqsa is proud of the whole nation. We as a nation with her best wishes so that she can get success in achieving the Lexus Design Award. We also hope for the commercialization of her project so that every individual can get access to use this wonder of science. By taking this piece of wonder into the market can not only help Pakistan to flourish economically but also in the field of technology.

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