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A Great Hero of Pakistan “Captain Omer Zeb Shaheed”

Hero of Pakistan Captain Omer Zeb Shaheed []
A Great Hero of Pakistan “Captain Omer Zeb Shaheed” Unsung Hero

Early Life and Education

Captain OmarZeb was born in 1984 in CMH (Combined Military Hospital) Rawalpindi. He was the third son of his parents. Omar Zeb was very healthy at birth with shining eyes and a smiling face. He was very beautiful. Anyone who looked at him could never resist kissing him. He grew as a very playful and cheerful boy. He was stunningly good-looking and attractive from his childhood.

As a youngest son and brother, he always got special attention not only from the parents but from the whole family. His broad manly looks, smartly dressed and charged agility with lots of mannerisms made him a very sought after a young boy with children and elders alike. His early schooling at Iqra Academy Quetta, Presentation Convent Murree, Army Public School at Sialkot and Peshawar went very rewarding for his personality building.

 He was very skilled and took part in outdoor activities. Omar Zeb was everywhere and had a good collection of prizes and certificates. One of the interesting things about him is that when it comes to competing with someone, it works out very well. On one such occasion, while studying at the Army Public College, Rawalpindi, he was challenged by a classmate who was fluent in English. He accepted the challenge and began preparing for the competition, which was the first of his students’ life. initially, he was a little nervous at first but with a little encouragement and advice on how to start preparing, he got to his tempo and prepared himself with the help of English teachers from various other colleges and came up with an excellent script.

He rehearsed the script several times in front of a mirror, in front of his friends, and added style to its delivery. He practiced and do very well. on the day of the competition, he won and was declared Best Debater of 2002.  As well as he was selected as General Secretary of the English Debating Society.

In this way, he knew everything about committing, concentrating, and knowing his purpose and how to achieve it. His father said that I never chased him for his studies. As his FSC was coming to an end, I asked him about his future plans, he replied (and I was well aware) “Army is my only choice.” He was crazy about the Army. Like a young boy, he often wore my uniform and behaved like an army officer. The army was his dream. Indeed. His mother always supported him in joining the army. He participated in 111 long courses and got selected. There were many ups and downs in his stay at the Military Academy. His skillful and friendly nature made him a famous cadet of his course. He was often remained on evening punishment rolls because of his frankness with staff members, overprotection of his teammates, passing jokes, and such activities that were entertaining. Omar Zeb and punishment dress remained very friendly at the Military academy.


The good thing about Omerzeb was that he always smiled in the most depressing moments, faced these difficult times like a strong man, and passed out as a Gentleman Cadet in 2005. On his passing out the day, one of his platoon commanders remarked about him. “Omar Zeb will rise high because he is different from other boys but he has to be more serious about his profession.” Omar Zeb, standing next to me, listened, smiled, and whispered something about his inner challenge, which he had in his mind till last. He joined the 9th Regiment in Azad Kashmir as a second Lieutenant.

Omerzeb as Second Lieutenant worked hard in his unit, gained a lot of confidence, and participated in all the activities of the unit with great enthusiasm. In his basic course at the School of Infantry and Tactics, he earned an AX grade. He repeated this performance on a 120 MM Mortar course. He was promoted as a captain and was appointed as Adjutant of the Battalion, a chair that every young officer likes.

He would talk to everyone in the family every day and show his respect and love to everyone. His naturalism made him a beautiful member of the mess and cantonment functions. He was a very good singer, a famous anchor and a dramatist. These qualities made him very popular among young boys, girls, and ladies. But somewhere along the way, he had different plans from the bottom of his heart.

With the passage of time, Omarzeb became very sensible and very serious about his professional responsibilities. His battalion and his service were his whole life.

Captain Omerzeb wished for a very dignified journey, a journey that Hazrat Ali wished for, a journey that would take you to greatness, a journey that would take you to the destination where your God Himself receives you.  His battalion was assigned to relocate to the KPK area, where the Pakistani military was fighting for its country’s existence against terrorists.

These terrorists call themselves Taliban and Muslims but actually they are very cruel and well trained. They preach Islam in its brutal form. In fact, these terrorists are partisan and dangerous criminals of various nations who hold evil plans against Pakistan. He came home on holiday for a few days to visit his family and they have decided to celebrate his engagement during his vacation. He had just stayed with them one night when he was called back the next morning to join the battalion. So, he had to move to Swat immediately. As a battalion adjutant, he was very committed to his work. His father told that he was a very sweet Son, a great brother, and a friend of friends. He was our listener and we all called him a listener but especially to me, he was my template. He talked to his fiancee very regularly and would definitely build a palace for his future life.

In a few more days, when his battalion was assigned to work in Lower Dir, the calendar was scrapped. The unit moved to the given location. he was very disturbed here due to, the way the Taliban were killing innocent men, women, and children.


On May 21, 2009, his fiance’s birthday was approaching. Both had plans to celebrate it. On the 20th night, Omar Zeb wished her a happy birthday in 6 different languages and promised to celebrate it on the next day (May 21). yes, he came on the next day but not standing on his feet. He was wrapped in the Pakistani flag. the dream which Captain Omar Zaib had seen all his life, was fulfilled by Allah and he went on a journey, where it must have been accepted by the Creator Himself. He was born as an ornament lived as a jewel and left as an ornament. He was awarded Tamgha-e basalt for his bravery. All his family members, parents, friends, and his nation proud of him and salute for the honor that he had given to the Pakistan Army.



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