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Best Mics For Youtubers in Pakistan

In this era of technology and science every person has an easy access to social media just like whatsapp, Facebook, twitter and you tube. These applications are source of knowledge as well as entertainment for the people. But this knowledge and entertainment is provided by people who work hard for our amusement. In you tube people can watch the videos and these videos are made with great efforts by the utubers. Some people have their own channels on YouTube. Some are you tube bloggers who make funny videos for our fun and joy. The sound quality on you tube can be enhanced using following instruments available in the market.

  1. Blue Yeti X

It is one of the best and most commonly used mic by you tubers. It can have the access for omni, set on a stereo as well as used for bi-directional recording. The slew of pattern makes it versatile in its use. There is an array of four capsules in its appearance. Its price in Pakistan is 44000 which is its negative part. The features of this mic include;

  • Having multiple recording patterns
  • Great recording with best sound
  • You can edit the sound while recording
  • It is easiest way to record at home with full ease
  • It has its set up with USB as well as on desktop
  • The recording capacity of this mic ranges from 24-bit/48kHz.
  • It can also be used for MACs as well as musical recordings
  • It is useful for those utubers who don’t have any idea about digital audio
  • Rode Video Mic

This kind of mic is mostly used with DSLR for instant recordings. The shock mounts in it can be used for ideal directional recordings. It works under a controlled environment so it is one of the best tools for you tube vloggers. The main features of this mic are;

  • It requires 9V battery for its working which is the drawback of this mic
  • It is light in weight
  • Most useful for the utubers who are on go always
  • Its price is 5414 Pkr.
  • Best tool for outdoor recordings
  • ZoomH1n

It is the device which is used to record high quality sound. It is a portable device which can be placed in the bag and can be used where you want. It can record 16-bit/44.1kHz sound. It is great tool for musicians. It is called one of the best mics of you tube. It has following characteristics;

  • It is of high value
  • Its battery life is approximately 10hr.
  • It can be used in field work as well as alone.
  • Its price is 6192pkr
  • Rode Smart Lav+

 It can be used with zoomH1n to build excellent sound recording. It can also be used with smart phones for excellent sound recordings. It can have its set up in smart phone by downloading an app from play store named as RodeLav+. If someone is registered on this website then he/she get a warranty of 12-months to use this device. It is the best choice for taking interviews to show them on your youtube channel. The main qualities of this device are;

  • It has distinct and discrete designing
  • It can easily be used when someone take an interview or posturize a conference recording in cell phone without any sound distraction.
  • Its price is 12843 pkr.
  • Samson Go Mic

It is one of the old mics and is best to use for omnirecordings. It is also portable and can be used where you desire. It has zinc moldings which resists any kind of vibrations during recordings. It acts as stand for table or laptop screen. It can be easily attached with laptops. It is one decade old device.

  • Microphones

They can also be used as the best mics for youtube. Most the microphones include;

  • Shure SM7B; it is a large microphone which is used for neutral recording with electromagnetic interfaces. It has an XLR and is a major tool for studio recordings.
  • Shure VP83F; it is an expensive tool for utubers because it has access only with DSLR. It only targets the main sound and ignores the surroundings voices. Therefore it is mostly used by vloggers on you tube.
  • Shure MV88+ Video Kit; it is used by smartphone users. It is portable. The microphone are made up of metal and thus produce excellent sound quality. Editing of sound can also be done using these microphones.
  • Shure SM SM57; it is used to attract the musicians. It is significantly used for live performance to high loudness control. It is best microphone for tours. It is also used to record music.
  • Blue Snowballs

This microphone is very easy to use. It only needs to connect with the computer to record sound. It is very close to the vocals and gives excellent recording of sound. The sound can be recorded bi-directionally. Its price is 14814PKr.

  • Audio Technica AT2020

This device is the only device with no buttons and is one of the versatile microphones ever used. It can be easily affordable by all the vloggers of you tube. It costs about 16479 Pkr. Its diaphragm looks large in appearance.

  • Audio Technica 2100

This device has a beautiful metal body with quite decent look. It has an LED light which on blink shows that it is connected to the USB port of laptop. It can also act as an amplifier by raising the sound pitch.

  1. Sennheiser MKE 600

 This device is used for professional recording of sound. It is used world wide. The sound can be recorded in this tiny device have ideal sound recordings. The sound can be recorded in a well managed way via this device. It is most sophisticated device.

It is well recommended that these microphones or mics are widely used by you tuber. So it is better to choose a device that meets your budget and is easily handled by a person who chooses it because most of the vloggers are not expert. Try to start from small device then go for the best. In Pakistan a person can purchase best mics for you tube via online shopping through;

  • Amazon via Nazdeeq company in Pakistan as amazon does not directly ship its products in Pakistan
  • Olx
  • Shop hive (03111746756)
  • Boya Hashmi Photos Online ( 0321-8770709)
  • Mobile mic company as it ships its products all over the Pakistan
  • Audonic company
  • Picogear and Pico Mic company in Pakistan


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