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Resignation and Shifts in Pakistan’s Judiciary: Justice Ijaz ul Ahsan’s Resignation and its Impact on the Supreme Court

There are reports that Justice Ijaz ul Ahsan has resigned in writing to President Dr. Arif Alvi, but the text has not been made public yet.

In his letter of resignation to the president, Ijaz ul Ahsan stated that he no longer want to continue serving as a judge on the highest court. As a result, he was quitting in accordance with Article 206(1) of the Constitution, and his resignation would take effect immediately.

Career Progression

Justice Ijaz ul Ahsan, a Pakistani jurist who has served as a justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan since 2016. He was born in Murree, Pakistan, in 1960. He received his early education in Lahore, and then went on to study law at the Punjab University Law College. After graduating, he practiced law for several years before appointed to the Lahore High Court in 2009. He served as the Chief Justice of the Lahore High Court from 2015 to 2016.

Notable Absence of Justice Ijaz ul Hassan

The third-highest ranked judge on the Supreme Court, Justice Ijaz ul Hassan, was noticeably absent from today’s meeting of the Supreme Judicial Council. Due to his years of experience, Justice Ijaz ul Hassan regarded as the best choice for Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. He began his new position in October 2024.

Upcoming Changes in Supreme Court

Justice Sardar Tariq Masood, who is 2nd in line for seniority, is going to leave on March 10, 2024. Justice Ijaz is stepping aside and Justice Sardar Tariq is retiring. Also Justice Mansoor will then become the highest ranking judge on the Supreme Court.

Chief Justice Transition

Finally, Chief Justice Qazi Faez Isa is set to leave on October 25, 2024. Justice Mansoor Ali Shah is ready to take over as Chief Justice. The judicial structure of the Supreme Court has changed a lot because of these events.

Justice Ijaz’s Decision on Justice Mazahir Akbar Naqvi’s Case

Today, Justice Ijaz also said he would not be involved in the Supreme Judicial Council’s work on the case of Justice Mazahir Akbar Naqvi. It’s important to note that Justice Mazahir Akbar Naqvi, who had filed charges of “misconduct,” turned in his resignation letter a day back.

Justice Ijaz ul Ahsan’s Advocacy

Justice Ijaz ul Ahsan is famous for his strong commitment to the rule of law and human rights. He has been a vocal critic of military intervention in politics, and he has also spoken out against extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearances. He is also a strong supporter of judicial independence.

Landmark Cases and Contributions

In recent years, Justice Ijaz ul Ahsan has involved in several high-profile cases, including the case of the military trials of civilians. In a landmark decision, he led a 5 member bench of the Supreme Court that declared the military trials of civilians as unconstitutional. This decision was a major victory for the rule of law in Pakistan.

Role in the Supreme Judicial Council

Ijaz ul Ahsan is also a member of the Supreme Judicial Council, which is the body that appoints and dismisses judges in Pakistan. He is a moderate voice on the council, and he has been critical of attempts to politicize the judiciary.

Legacy of Justice Ijaz ul Ahsan

Overall, Justice Ijaz ul Ahsan is a respected jurist who has made significant contributions to the rule of law and human rights in Pakistan. He is a strong advocate for judicial independence, and he committed to upholding the Constitution.

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