Pakistan has lost Pakistani Bill Gates

Arfa Karim Randhawa a young star of Pakistan World’s Youngest Microsoft Engineer
Arfa Karim Randhawa a young star of Pakistan World’s Youngest Microsoft Engineer
Arfa Karim Randhawa a young star of Pakistan World’s Youngest Microsoft Engineer
Arfa Karim Randhawa a young star of Pakistan World’s Youngest Microsoft Engineer

Arfa Karim Randhawa a precious pearl was born on 2nd February 1995 in Chak # 4JB Ramdewali Faisalabad. She was the daughter of Pakistan army officer Amjad Abdul Karim. Her mother was from Bahawalpur, Pakistan. When she was 2 years and 6 months she started talking, and she is very warm to go to school. That’s why her parents get admitted to her in the school at the age of 3 years. As the meaning of her name is the high status or the best.

Personality of Arfa

She was a very polite, humble and intelligent girl. She was also a poetess. She was not just interested in the keyboard, but she played the piano also in a very good manner. She often sings songs. She was always in a hurry. She spoke very fast. At the age of 1 year, she was very naughty. She always completed her commitments. She was a very good student in schooling. She made her 1st poet at the age of 5 years. She was a challenge’s acceptor girl. She was a debater. She learned aviation in 3 trails. When she was age 7 to 8 years, she pushed her father to buy a computer for her. She operated a computer. She learned from her cousin and on its own from books. After that, she joined an academy of computers. She has conducted many interviews on different channels of Pakistan.


At the age of 9 years 9 months she passed the Microsoft Certified Professional exam. Her achievement has created a strange influence. The whole world has accepted this good achievement of Pakistan.

CEO of Microsoft and the famous Bill Gate has invited her. Bill Gates is a very well-known person all over the world. He is a business magnate in the IT field.

 Pakistan’s princess has visited America with her father in July 2005 where she was awarded the degree of the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional.

Meeting with Bill Gates

 Arfa Karim a young star of Pakistan World’s Youngest Microsoft Engineer met with Bill Gates
Arfa Karim a young star of Pakistan World’s Youngest Microsoft Engineer met with Bill Gates

Bill Gates the famous personality in the IT world, conducted a meeting with Arfa Karim Randhawa. Bill Gates was very impressed with her. He awarded her with the degree of the youngest Microsoft Certified Application of the world. Bill Gates was very happy with this Meeting. He admitted that Pakistan has such kind of personalities like you otherwise I was thinking in Pakistan education is not promoted for girls at this Arfa said, Pakistan has just this face.

After some time, Information Technology Specialists have invited Arfa in Dubai. She stayed in Dubai for 2 weeks. Here she was awarded different awards and medals. A special dinner was arranged in the honor of Arfa in Dubai.

At the age of 10 years, she awaited a plan from Dubai Plan Club on which she was awarded by a Certificate from a flying club.

In 2005, due to his capabilities and intelligence Pakistan Government has awarded her with Fatima Jinnah Gold Medal (it is awarded in the field of science and technology by the Prime Minister of Pakistan)

Salam Pakistan Youth Award (awarded by the President of Pakistan, it was a very honorable award for Arfa)

Award of Pride of Performance (this award is awarded those civilians who have any distinction or something extraordinary. Arfa deserves this Medal because she was extraordinarily brilliant and done certification at her very young age). She is the youngest girl who achieved these awards at this age in the history of Pakistan.

In 2006, she was invited by Microsoft in Barcelona at Tech Ad Developers Conference. She was a representative of Pakistan over there. She provided a very good sample for ‘Get Ahead of the Game’ which was the main theme of this conference. There were 5000 developers over there. Just she was there from Pakistan among them.

Arfa built a computer lab in her village just for the purpose to educate the new generation about IT. She was the youngest brand ambassador for Pakistan Telecommunication Company EVO.

President Pervaiz Musharraf has invited her with her parents and awarded her with the prize of Favorite Child of the President.


She suffered a fit (epilepsy) on 22 December 2011. Before this, she became senseless in the school one time. Her parents make all the recommended tests at that time and the reports were normal. On 22 December 2011 Doctor Carnal Abid Hussain was present at their home. He is a pediatric surgeon of hearts. She faced a fit and shifted to the CMH Lahore in an emergency. Her CPR was done. At that time doctors said she is fine and shifted in ICU. She was in a comma. Her heart was responding but her brain was not responding. A lot of people came here to see her with flowers and cards which were received by her mother.

Lost Pakistani Bill Gates

Bill Gates contact with Arfa’s parents. He made a panel of doctors in America who communicate with Pakistani doctors for Arfa’s treatment. Bill Gates arranged an air ambulance for Arfa. But doctor Abid Hussain did not refer this at this stage. Everybody was praying for Arfa’s life. Everybody in the world loved her. She was died in CMH Lahore on 12 January 2012 at the age of 16 years. She was the student of 2nd year of A-Levels in LGS Lahore. She was died because of a heart attack. Everybody was silent because of this big loss. Bill Gates said, I lost my Pakistani colleague that’s why it’s a black day and Pakistan has lost Pakistani Bill Gates.

Arfa Software Technology Park

This is the largest (seventeen-story building) situated in Lahore working for information and communications technology. It is based on international was built on 15 January 2012 with the name of Lahore Technology Park. After that, its name was changed by Shahbaz Sharif, Chief Minister of Punjab. The new name was ‘Arfa Software Technology Park’.

Issuance of Commemorative postage stamp

In January 2012, after the death of Arfa Karim Yousaf Raza Gillani, the Prime Minister of Pakistan approved the issuance of a commemorative postage stamp.

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3 years ago

Thanks so much for the blog post.

2c Two 'live' Ghost Prisoner[s]
2c Two 'live' Ghost Prisoner[s]
3 years ago

I saw Arfa with [G@te$]. I was being used against my free-will on a [©omputerized Pa®®illa] used with [a.👁️.] and [sup€rcomput€r] powered with [“bulk power”]. This is very advanced and highly secretive [Q.uantum] computing. The [©omputerized Pa®®illa] accessed the Genetic Memory within my [d-n-@]. Another person [Otto Wa®mbie®] died from [“Bulk Power”] use for $upercomputer$. I was VERY SAD 2c Arfa with [g@+e$] because I knew what he (&the Te©h/tele©om industry) would do to her. U$ pre$ident signed an “[Executive Order]” about [Bulk Powe®]- often used from hydroelectric dams because the computers need large volumes of power to function. I am also trying to help [Dr Aafia SiddiQui] with my Testimony, but the U$ ©ensored me, including my website and the online account on +Witte® of [StevieElliot4]. I was very sad to see [ga+e$] with her because I was also taken prisoner by the u$ and nearly died due to the computer skills I had (B4 they crispr’ed my genes). My great uncle [©ha®Les S©haich] works at [u$ O@k ®idge N@tional Laboratory] and they heavily experimented on me, including (ga+e$). This IS about secret, very Advanced computers. In summary, I have seen Arfa in a [t∆®tu®e] situation with [g@te$] and others. My apologies for the information. Hopefully this will provide the JUSTICE Arfa deserves 🧡


A U$ gho$t (invisible) prisoner


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