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The Project of Ravi Riverfront for Urban Development

The Project of Ravi

The mega project Ravi River Front Urban Development Project (RRUDP) is in Lahore District, Punjab, Pakistan. This project runs along with the Ravi in direction of the northeast and South-west. This project comprises 40,000 hectares. One hectare is equal to 100,000 acres.

 This project also comprises of rehabilitation of rivers with fresh water. This freshwater includes perennial freshwater. The project is expected to be completed in three phases. According to one estimate, this project will be the largest riverfront project in the world. PM of Pakistan Imran Khan was inaugurated this project on August 7,2020


The idea for the project was first proposed in 1947 by the Deputy Commissioner, Lahore. The idea was first considered in 2013. The project was considered effective in 2013.  It was thought that this project comprised of 18,000 hectares which are approximately 44,000 acres. In the year 2014, LDA, Lahore Development Authority hired an engineering company of Asia. That named Meinhardt to check the feasibility of this project.

The idea of urban development on the Ravi riverfront was first suggested in 1947.This idea suggested by the then Deputy Commissioner of Lahore. In 2013, the Government of Punjab began to recognize the project. Initially, It planned to span over 18,000 hectares (44,000 acres). In 2014, the Lahore Development Authority hired an Asian Engineering Company, Meinhardt.  To run a feasibility study on the Ravi River for the execution of the project. PM of Pakistan Imran Khan finalized the project with some modification on 7 August 2020.

Project detail

It is aimed at Rs.5 trillion at the restoration and development of the Ravi River. Entering the body of perennial freshwater with high-quality urban development. On adjacent land for approximately 35 million inhabitants. The plan is based on developments around the River Thames in London, England

. In August 2020, Mahmoud al-Rashid announced a revised area in the Riverfront Development Zone. 40,000 hectares (100,000 acres) rather of 18,000 hectares. 70% of its area will be allocated for planting 6 million trees. One lake, urban forest, three barrages and six water treatment plants. It will be built in the first phase. Development water will be used in Upper Chenab Canal and BRB Canal.

 A modern city on the banks of the Ravi River adjacent to Lahore. There are green belts, piers and boards on the north and west sides. 1.4 million housing units are part of the master plan.

The Prime Minister ordered the revival of the ‘New City’ project in Punjab

Prime Minister Imran Khan launched the Ravi River Urban Development Project (RRUDP) on August 7, 2020. The 5 5 trillion Ravi City project is expected to turn the Ravi River into a freshwater body. The adjoining land area will house about 35 million inhabitants. A modern city will be built on 40,000 hectares of land along with the Ravi. 70% of its area will be allocated for planting 6 million trees. Which will turn into an urban jungle. A feasibility study was conducted by Mayan Hard, an Asian engineering company. the Ravi River project will have 12 sectors, namely Medical City. Mix Stand, Residential, Urban Farms, Downtown, Commercial City, Innovation City, Financial City, Tourism, Central City, Knowledge City, and Sports City.

The practical impact of the Ravi Riverfront Urban Development Project are as follows:

  • Economic upliftment of the project
  • Improved quality of life
  • More job opportunities
  • Sustainable lifestyle
  • Tourist activities
  • Flood protection

Pakistan’s current government is planning to revive an ambitious plan for a “new city” in Punjab. The idea of urban development spread over 44,000 acres. It was initially suggested by the Punjab government back in 2013.According to the Ravi River Front Urban Development Project, a modern city will be developed. Along the Ravi River, which includes green belts, ravines and planks. Along with 1.4 million residential units. The plan was based on the developments lining River Thames in London, England.

We will describe more about the Ravi Riverfront Urban Development Project. Also, how it will help reduce unexpected urbanization in Lahore.


The Ravi Riverfront Urban Development in Lahore is part of the proposed master plan for Lahore. World-renowned engineering company Meinhardt was hired by the government of Pakistan, in 2014. To run a feasibility study on River Ravi for the execution of the urban development project. In its report, the firm highlighted the problem areas of the project. Also gave some recommendations to Lahore Development Authority (LDA) for smooth development:

  • Getting water in River Ravi during the winter season is one of the biggest challenges. To the launch of new city project in Punjab as the Marla-Ravi Link Canal is closed in winters
  • The dumping of wastewater into River Ravi is another major challenge that needs to be addressed. Approximately, 65 cusecs to 584,000 cusecs of wastewater are directly poured into River Ravi
  • Establishment of a new wastewater system
  • It is important to address the environmental impact of the riverfront urban development project
  • Rehabilitation of the Ravi River as per national and international standards
  • Development of a green city and the creation of a bacteria-free water body/This is a big challenge for the project
  • An engineering solution to annual flooding 


Housing demand increases with the increase of population. A study conducted by Urban Unit, a project management unit of Planning and Development Department. Under the Punjab government, Lahore was found to be the most urban district of Punjab. In comparison to Sheikhupura and Kasur districts. The ratio of constructed land to open, vacant land in Lahore is approximately 50 percent.


Given the recent citizenship in Lahore, the government’s goal is to establish river front development. Along the Ravi River, the city stretches all the way to Sheikhupura district. A 33-km long stretch made of concrete would be developed on River Ravi. The new city will be developed on the riverbanks. The features of the Ravi Riverfront Urban Development Project are as follows:

  • Expansion of 33 km long concrete channel on Ravi River.
  • The new city plan in Punjab is aimed at setting up a green stage along the Ravi River.
  • New city project in Punjab will be divided into 14 zones. It comprising 1.4 million residential units and a 70% area would be reserved just for trees
  • New roads, piers and bridges covering 100 km will also be constructed
  • More than 25,000 acres of Riverfront Development land will be purchased. By different investors for different businesses.
  • The new city project in Punjab will attract foreign tourists. Since the establishment of an international airport is also in the master plan. Close proximity to airport will be a major lure for foreign tourists visiting the city
  • The project was for the installation of water plants.
  • We’re sprawling 2,2-acre new dog project in Punjab. It is expected to be a major breakthrough in the real estate sector of the region.


The suggested RRUDP will extend over an area of about 414 km2. It will be implemented over 30 years period in three phases. The above inspection confirmed the feasibility of twelve sectors in RRUDP, via: Medical City, Residential, Mixed Use, Urban Farm, City, Commercial City, Innovation City, Government / Financial City, Tourism, Central City, Knowledge City., Eco-City and Sports City.

The environmental and social impact estimation highlighted the practical effects of the project. The economic stability of the region and the country, improvement in living standards, social and lifestyle. The Ravi River’s environmental development, sustainable lifestyles, tourism, and flood protection. It will also have some negative impacts. Such as the loss of approximately 76,684 acres of agricultural land. I also about 65 settlements, including 20,723 households with a population of 80,000. Their assets during the project implementation and operational phases. These are expected to be temporary in nature. It can be mitigated as suggested in EIA and SIA reports.

Prime Minister Imran linked the multi-trillion rupees Ravi project with the survival of Lahore. PM Imran Khan said that the Ravi project is essential for the survival of Lahore. Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday said that the Ravi development project is of utmost importance, as it is for the “survival of Lahore”, which has changed in a “dramatic manner” over the past several decades.

The Prime Minister was addressing the establishment ceremony of a multi-trillion rupees development project. Under which the Punjab government intends to create an “ultra-modern city”. area of   more than one lakh acres near Lahore

Prime Minister Imran recalled the glorious past of the provincial capital. Which of these trees is planted in these trees and the water is lovely to drink?

“When I was in Lahore, we use tap water. It was fresh water and we never thought we would need bottled water. In my time in Zaman Park, there was no sign of pollution. The sky was clear. We waited for the winter so we could go basketball in the heat of the sun. It was a clean city. It was a city with gardens and large open green areas.

The PM said, “As the city enlarged, Zaman Park on the edges of the city moved to and from the city center. How fast is the city developing?” ۔

The PM bewailed, “Where we had baskets in the sun, there is so much pollution in the skies. Now there is hardly any sunlight. You will not get sunlight in November.”

The city’s water level has also fallen sharply, he said “In the last 15 years, I think it has decreased by 800 feet.”

“As you fly out of the city, you can see unexpected settlements from above. Green areas are declining. There will be food security issues. Pakistan has never faced a wheat shortage before. Now we have seen a decrease of 1.5 million tons.

“Our growing areas are declining. We had a lot of cotton growing areas. We used to export goods. Excessive sugarcane cultivation is also a factor,” he added.

“This river used to be such a big river and now it has turned into something other than a sewage river. It stinks in winter.”

“No one should doubt the solution to this plan,” he said. “Without it, Lahore will face water problems today.”

The Prime Minister said that the level of pollution in Lahore was “far from the chart, far more detrimental to health”.

“Unplanned settlements are everywhere,” he said. It has become necessary to make Lahore a modern city equipped with all modern facilities.

“Modern cities grow vertically, not horizontally. Then it becomes easier for the government to take care of their water and drainage needs.”

Rs5 trillion to be invested in Ravi project

The Prime Minister then discussed in detail the government’s plans for the river.

He said that in order to save the river, excess water would be released in it and more barrages would be constructed.

“Drain water that is coming into the river. It will be treated and the clean water will be released back,” he said.

Prime Minister Imran said with it, not only that the depleted water level of the river will be restored. But now there will be no threat to the city’s water supply. He added that 600,000 trees would be planted in a “designated forest area”.

He said that the project would cost RS. 5 trillion. He clarified, “Of course, It will be financed by private investment, not by the government.

The Prime Minister said that with the corona virus, the country has got a chance to recover again. Being able to invest in projects from the informal economy. Earlier, it was not allowed due to the responsibilities of international financial institutions.

“We have to use the funds from the demotic providence until December 31.”

He said that it was a great opportunity for Pakistanis abroad. Who usually only invest in “plots”? ” Nine million abroad Pakistanis have an amount equal to Pakistan’s GDP.”

He also said that there would be a long way to go in creating job opportunities. ” There are almost 40 industries are demanded in the construction sector.”

The PM further said, “It will create wealth. With the help of this wealth, we will be able to spend on the backward sections of the society. Also, on the education and health of the children.” said

He also said that financial gain would reduce the country’s growing debt.

The prime minister said he would personally oversee the project, which has been sought since the 200’s. There is no option to go back to what they are doing after “burning all the boats”.

“Failure is not an option,” he added.

PM lambastes opposition on seeking NRO

Prime Minister Imran Khan also took a joke from the PML-N government on starting mass transit projects worth billions of rupees.

He said that earlier projects like Metro, Orange Train had been completed. But they are not meant to create wealth. “In fact, you will turn out paying 28 28 billion in subsidies. For projects that you have built after borrowing heavily.”

He said that a project like Ravi Reference One could create wealth. Along with job creation and other benefits. “A series of reactions appear in the country. Such projects strengthen the economy.

The Prime Minister said that it took two years to save the country from default. “And then the crowd of NROs gathered everywhere. In exchange for FATF legislation or to demand NRO or to move forward on the Kashmir issue.”

“The country is at a cross-ways where it will only grow, after two years,” he said.

Government will extend full cooperation to develop the industry: –

Prime Minister Imran met Punjab Chief Minister Usman Bazdar after his arrival in the city. To discuss issues related to provincial development.

The Prime Minister was accompanied by Federal Ministers Senator Shibli Faraz, Shafqat Mehmood, Hamad Azhar, Advisor Shehzad Akbar, and Chairperson New Pakistan Housing and Development Authority Lt. Gen. (retd) Anwar Ali Haider.

Talking to members of National Assembly from Faisalabad. PM Imran said that the federal government would extend all possible cooperation. It aims to boost the country’s industrial and business sectors.

The delegation included Chaudhry Asim Nazir, Nawab Sher Wasir, Raza Nasrullah Ghman, Khurram Shehzad, Farrukh Habibullah, Faizullah and Raja Riaz Ahmed.

The Prime Minister asked the parliamentarians to provide incentives in the business and construction sectors. This will ensure development in the country. He said that steps are being taken for the welfare of small and medium enterprises.

The MP’s briefed the Prime Minister of Pakistan on the development work in their respective constituencies.

That Prime Minister Imran will also have meetings of the National Coordination Committee. On housing, construction, and development, as well as education reform in Punjab.



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