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Gujranwala Saplings Set a World Record

An Idea Given By Gujranwala Commissioner

 When Gujranwala Commissioner Sohail Khawaja came up with the idea of ​​setting a world record by planting trees. He also came up with the idea that this work should be done by children instead of adults.Because on the one hand these children are our future and on the other hand they will also come to know the love of plants.

How were fifty thousand plants planted in one minute?

On the first step, the selection process started where the planting should be done, then the green belts on both sides of GT Road was selected. Fifty blocks were constructed in an area of ​​11 km from Chand Da Fort to Aziz Cross Chowk and named after them. One thousand saplings were to be planted in each block. Thus a total of fifty thousand saplings will be completed.

For this entire task, 13,000 students from different schools were registered and a workshop was organized for them. In which the children were trained how to plant. Each child was given the target of planting four plants in a row in one minute.

13000 students × 4 plants = 52000 total plants

In these 50 blocks, PHA employees had already drilled 50,000 holes in the ground at a distance of 5 feet by electric drill and one plant was placed near each hole so as not to waste time.

At long last, on Thursday, August 12, 2021, at 3:00 PM, in the presence of the staff of the Guinness Book of World Records and the district administration of Gujranwala city and under the supervision of cameras, as soon as the whistle sounded, the brave children of Gujranwala.

 He took turns dipping the plants in his claws and burying them in the ground, breaking India’s record of planting 37,000 trees in one minute and setting a record of planting 52,000 trees in just 40 seconds.

Video of planting with the help of 47 drone cameras was also recoded. The students had already done sapling before one minute. In this way the young children of Gujranwala set a world record by planting 50,000 saplings in one minute.

Trees are the oldest thing on the planet earth. Planting trees is also an easy and sustainable way of positively affecting the environment. There are several advantages or benefits of planting trees as they cleanse the air, filter the water. Plants keep not only the air clean but also our environment clean. They help us breathe and clean our water. It is residence to many birds and animals. Planting trees is also very good for our health.

So, the Gujranwala takes a good initiative. Sapling the plant means to planting the life!



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