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The Rational Bird | Crow

The crow is an intelligent bird. It knows how to find food by using the small twigs of the tree as tools. If the thieves take him into confidence, they may even unlock the biggest bank. The crow’s brain contains 1.5 billion neurons. And the same number of neurons in many apes, but there is a difference. The size of a crow’s brain and a monkey’s brain is very different. Inside this tiny brain, all these neurons are very close and packed. That’s why if you bend down to carry stones, the crow has flown to the other side.

His IQ level is very high. The experts consider his thinking ability to be equal to the thinking ability of a seven-year-old child. Various experiments were performed on the crow in the laboratory. Such games were compiled where a crow takes out stones from eight places through the straw and puts these stones in a box alternately. He will not get food until he throws eight stones in the box. As soon as the game started, crow surveyed the environment for a moment, take out the stones, and get sustenance.

The crow is a carnivorous bird. But it is not its primary source of food. It often happened to you put food on the roof, washed your hands, and came back to see that the crow had joined hands with you. If you regularly eat out on the terrace, make sure it knows your meal schedule. If you eat dishes according to the timetable of the day, then it is also very familiar with the dish of each day and the day of your favorite dish will reach this place before you. Similarly, crow knows the timetable of garbage trucks, knows the timetable of the meat and vegetable market.

In your area, every crow knows the times of shops where food is plentiful and easily available. It scratches seeds, fruits, vegetables, meat, dead animals and birds, even human carcasses, and eats the eggs and young of small birds.

An opportunistic bird eats all kinds of food everywhere. Crows are often seen eating sand. Many birds, including crows, do this. Birds do not have teeth and sand or small pebbles act as a grinder in their stomachs. Friendship with crow can be very expensive but not you, the one whose jewelry or money was stolen and brought to you. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

The crow does not favor anyone; you keep feeding him, it will start bringing you gifts. Yes! The crow is the only bird that brings you gifts. In the United States, a little girl befriended crows and gave them grains every day. The crows gave her various gifts, including small pieces of iron and copper, jewelry, pieces of toys, and bones.

This behavior of the crow is actually to form a very good bond with the human being so that he can get free food. The enemy of the crow is Salman Khan of the world of crows, whom he adopts wholeheartedly and whom he throws away. Just stone him once! Now he and his family will kiss you whenever they see you. And if you accidentally kill a crow, think of it as a lifetime of tying a tin can behind you that will keep ringing. It not only evokes vengeance but also informs future generations about your fate.

If you are passing by alone but there is no noise but your special friend is going there with you, then the crow of crows will start hovering over you and whispering, then understand that your companion (friend) has done some horn (The stones are thrown at the crows who now want to strangle him. Crow’s memory is very strong, and he does not forget the good and bad faces. The ravens mourn in front of and behind the dead raven. According to experts, their attitude is to warn the rest of the crows about the danger so that they can be careful in this area.

Crows don’t like sick or weak crows. They think that a sick crow could pose a threat to the herd. Therefore, most of these crows are killed by the beams themselves. When ravens die accidentally at someplace, they migrate from there. The crow builds its nest from small twigs of straw and chooses a tree that is dense and spreading. Their laying season is April to July, and they lay three to five eggs. There can be many good nests on the same tree.

Crows usually live to be between 15 and 20 years old, while many crows are between 30 and 40 years old, according to records. The rabbit develops a genetic disease called leucism, in which the whole or part of it cannot turn black, so the white color becomes clear, but this is very rare.

The crow can speak like a parrot. Yes! You can teach human language to the well. Coyotes are songbirds that have a special type of syrinx in their throat through which they can make different sounds. This mimicry is to please the female or to repel the birds of prey. Coyotes continue to die from the West Nile virus, but so far no evidence has been found what caused the disease in humans.

It flies in the air, which can cause respiratory and stomach ailments. So keep pets away from kitchens and wear masks when cleaning them. How to train a well? If you want to tame a well, feed it peanuts, meat fat, chickpeas, etc. Gifts will start coming. How to chase a crow? If the crows damage the crop orchard, keep the potato or cat slim, hang a bright object that reflects light, such as a computer CD, a toy motor, the inner shiny coil,., from a tree or a high stick to keep the wind moving will run.

The purpose of the crow, which is to pick up and eat small rotten plants, fleshy grains, and keep the environment clean. Where other animals cannot reach, the beak and intellect reach. Protect the environment from food contamination and protect other animals and humans from many diseases that can be spread by rotten food. The crow family is found all over the world except the North and South Pole, Antarctica, and the southern part of continental South America.



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