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Billions Of Colours By Nature

“I swear by the first light and the night when it covers it”.

These two verses are the opening verses of Surah No. 93 and they were revealed when Abu Lahab’s wife Aurah said to the Holy Prophet when he was ill:

“Muhammad!” Looks like your devil has left you. “

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) was very saddened by this statement of the Awraas. His heart was very saddened, and these verses were revealed. But have you ever wondered what was so special about the verses of Waduha. That they were sent to comfort and comfort the heart of the Holy Prophet? And why do these verses begin with mentioning the first light of dawn? You will find the answer to this question by the end of the thread, God willing.

What is Zahya? This is called the first light reaching from the sun to the earth. Inside, I will use the word Zahi. Zuha was born within the sun one hundred and seventy thousand years ago. If you still go out and look at the sun’s rays, it is not now but one and a half million years old light. Zuha particles which we call photons. Once they rise above the surface of the sun, then their journey towards the earth begins.

By the way, it takes another 8.3 minutes for the sun to reach our earth. But before it reaches the earth, it shines, as an exquisite circle of light on the horizon called zodiacal light and that is it. This is the time we call Sabh Kadhab in our Urdu. From the sun to the centre of the earth, as many meteorites have broken through, passing through their dust. The first reflection of the sun falls on our earth as this circle of light. I’ll show you a picture

After that, when Zahi is a little away from our earth, then that time is called dawn on our earth. Zahi is making a deep blue color on the earth and those who love art will know that How much of that time was painted during the Renaissance of the sixteenth century. Infect French artists had a regular name for it, Heure Bleue, meaning the blue hour. Most of the smaller stars are hidden, but a few large stars and some planets such as Jupiter and Venus are still visible. Are Infect Four thousand years ago, seafarers used to consider this blue image of Zuha as the time to sail their boats, because then the difference between land and water is seen. Let me show you a picture of the blue hours of the day.

After that, when Zuha is a little farther from our horizon, it is time to play with its colors. In English, it is called twilight. There is neither darkness nor light, and Zuha is beautiful in the sky. The color fills. The horizon of the east, from where … the dawn is approaching our earth. So within these 120 seconds up to seven thousand colors of the sky can change on this horizon and this is the beautiful time by which Allah has recited Surah Inshaqaq. I also picked up

“I swear by the headline of Shafaq when it is over.”

However, on the very opposite side of the rising sun, in the west, a deep blue stripe is formed on the horizon. And I will show you a picture, that the blue stripe just above the horizon is the shadow of the earth falling into space due to the sun. And I don’t know why verse 45 of Surah Furqan came to my mind. See how your Lord spreads the shadow and you know that this shadow of our earth is spread up to fourteen million kilometers.

Before we see the dawn, at twilight, a colored band called the belt of venus is formed 10 degrees above the horizon. Its color can be orange, purple, or even pink. And it is formed just before Zuha reaches the earth … In this picture you can see the belt of Venus in purple-pink color above the shadow of the earth. Hardly any other natural phenomenon has been painted or photographed as much as the Belt of Venice has been painted and photographed in history.

And now when the sun rises from the horizon, the sun disk appears. We call it sunrise in our Pakistan, and Zuha reaches our eyes. Its color is very orange because the air between the horizon and us is 40% denser or very thick in simple words, so even the sun changes its color as it reaches us. Science has given the name of this time to god ray or sunbeam. And this sunbeam falls on the first mountain peaks in our world for the first time. The snowfall on the tops of these snow-capped mountains is indeed one of the most beautiful sceneries of nature. It is called alpenglow in English and I will show you a picture.

Now, as the sun disk rises higher and higher in the sky, the color of the sun turns white, because the air above is 40% thinner than the horizon, so the color of the sun does not change much. By now, the shadows of things have become clearer and sharper, and Zahya herself has become so crisp that she can come out of the small holes and make deep shadows. I am showing you some pictures of the cave called “Majlis Al-Jinn” in the mountains of Oman, which means “the meeting place of jinns”. Here you can easily see the crispiness of Zuha. Majlis al-Jinn is a huge cave in the mountains of Oman. You can estimate its size by looking at the mountaineer hanging from the rope in it.

“It is Allah who has created the shadows in His creation and also the caves of the mountains”.

Outside the caves, the open sky is blue, but if sand and dust clouds from the largest desert in the world are rising and spreading in the world, then the color of the sky changes from blue to white. It often spreads in Arabia and Pakistan. But does it matter to the game of Zuha? Just keep reading!

Occasionally there are ice crystals suspended in the air of our earth i.e. small particles of ice, for which there is an exquisite name in English, diamond dust. And in the atmosphere it forms a circle of lovely light which is called a halo or “Hala” and it is too late to change the shape of these ice crystals so much that it immediately changes its effect even if it is a diamond dust crystal. As a plate, instead of a simple circle in the sky, Zahya creates a colorful halo. I will show you pictures of both types of halos.

Moreover, if these ice crystals become hexagonal, then one of the rarest spectacles of Zuha is called parhelia, meaning two more suns equal to the sun. By the way, I will explain it to you with a picture, but this time I also want to share an article with you with the picture. This article was written by Fulcher of Charters, a Christian pastor who joined the First Crusade in his journal Historia hierosolymitana. He writes that. February 23, 1127:

“On the third afternoon of the battle with the Muslims (i.e. at nine o’clock in the morning), we saw two more suns rising at the same level as the sun. There were many colors around them. The fighting stopped for a while. “

This game of Zuha is not limited to ice crystals, if there are clouds in the air then what is inside these clouds, depending on what happens when Zuha enters one of them an exquisite event occurs which is called cloud iridescence It is said that this is such a beautiful scene that the Greeks named it irisation after their goddess iris. In which up to 95% of the spectrum of all colors can be seen, you know what that means? That means a million different shades of colors. And verse 164 of Surah Baqarah immediately comes to mind that there are many signs in the clouds for those who think and understand.

And now the trick of Zuha that almost all of us are aware of, is a rainbow of colors formed after rain, namely the rainbow! It is formed when the umbilical cord passes through the drops of water in the air, and if the umbilical cord refracted twice in these drops instead of one, then no one but two rainbows can be formed, and sometimes its tip can be seen. In the picture, you can see the rainbow falling inside the trees. There are many interesting stories about the place where the rainbow falls in Ireland, such as the treasure is buried where the rainbow falls, and many other folk tales.

One question that may come to your mind is whether Zuha shows her beauty only in the heavens. So the answer is no! Just look at this picture in which a small rainbow is formed on the shadow of a person falling on the ground. In the simplest words, it is due to the vapor present on the ground itself. And it’s called glory in English, and it’s probably a sight that very few of us have ever seen.

During my study, I read a strange letter which in 1571 an Italian painter Cellini wrote to a friend that today my shadow turned white. I did not understand this. But today we know this phenomenon as Cellini’s halo. This happens when the dew passes through the dewdrops in the air in such a way that it forms a white circle around the shadow lying on the ground, which is one of the big strange scenes and this circle keeps moving along with your shadow. That is why there are so many interesting stories about this white light.

So far I have told you about the phenomena created during the day of Zuha, but now I will tell you about the scenes which show in the evening and then at night. The effects of which Some phenomena are referred to in Surah Al-Inshiqaq as “gathering at night” but first one thing to understand here is why the color of the sky looks blue during the day it happens when the sun When light enters our atmosphere, our air molecules separate the blue from the light and scatter it into the atmosphere.

This is called the Rayleigh effect, and as the sun tilts towards the horizon, the Rayleigh effect weakens because there are no more molecules of air between Zuha and us, and the blue color does not separate as rapidly as before. Could have happened An hour of this time is called a golden hour and in the language of cinema this time is also called magic hour, it lasts 20 to 30 minutes. And then the sun turns into brilliant golden color, like the light of a lamp, just like the definition in verse 16 of Surah Nooh, the sun like a shining lamp.

After the Golden Hour has passed, the headlines rise again, the twilight time is approaching and some exquisite things are happening.

The sun is very close to the horizon so instead of coming from the top of the clouds it reaches them from below them and if these clouds are of polar stratospheric clouds type i.e. clouds about 25 km above the earth, So it looks like a sea of colors is flowing in the sky.

As Zahya hides on the horizon, so does her sport, and sometimes she creates things on the horizon that aren’t even there, as the Latins defined it in their language as mirare. This means to be amazed at something or to wonder upon and hence the word mirage. I show you a picture of how Zhahi is making a mirage of a small town at sea level even though it is far from the coast. But there was only a small mound.

As soon as the sun goes down from the horizon, it sets in our language, sometimes a very rare event happens, this is the last moment to see the sun, when it suddenly turns green, it Green flash and this scene is usually seen in the oceans. The horizons on the sea are very clear and the sun is directly reaching our eyes. There are many technical reasons for this, but if I put all these reasons in front of you in just one word, it is “amazing”. ۔ In this picture, you can see the last green flash of sunset.

OK, so far I’ve shown you the game of the day, but the fun part is that it doesn’t end there. When the sun disk goes down 18 degrees from the horizon, technically, the time of night is declared and what is the regular definition of the night in the language of general science?

“Lack of daylight”

Or the spread of ambient darkness. In simple words, the absence of light in the language of science is darkness. But can I tell you something interesting?

Read the very first verse of Surah An’am. All praise is due to Allah Who created the darkness. Like light, darkness is also a creation. Heinrich Olber, a 17th-century German scientist, raised a question to which there is still no definite answer, even 300 years later. This question is called Olber’s paradox. In simple words, he said, “the darkness of night collides with the theory of an infinite universe.”

If this universe is indeed infinite and has no edge and there are innumerable stars in it, then wherever we look in the night sky, our eyes should have been fixed on one star, and the night sky is dazzling. Should have Or in simpler terms, he was saying:

“It seems as if there is a physical thing called darkness, which is hiding the light from us. This is such an interesting topic I will tell you today without further ado, that night is indeed a physical thing, guys, which covers the udder.

Now the sun has gone down from the horizon and the sun has stopped shining, but does this game end here? Not, but at the moment it does an exquisite show in the sky at a height of 85 km called noctilucent cloud. It is one of the most mysterious games of the day. And to this day, its true nature has not been made clear. In Finland and Estonia, it is also called the night-shining cloud. At this altitude, the temperature is very low i.e. 78-degrees and there is also a lot of methane gas in the atmosphere. Maybe all these factors together make this beautiful scene. There may be fewer words to do. But keep in mind that these are not clouds, but the only and only trick that is visible in the night sky.

* Do you remember I told you about ice crystals i.e. diamond dust? These crystals hang in the air even at night, and the dust falling on them from below the horizon, combined with the artificial lights of the earth, creates a scene that I admired for their beauty while writing this thread and I saw repeatedly. At night, these pillars of light, from the earth to the sky, are called solar pillars or light pillars, and this scene is usually seen on an icy night. Pillars are made of dust and earth.

And finally, one of my favourite and most beautiful natural light shows in the world. The northern lights, when they charged particles from the sun emit dark green light near the poles of the earth. These lights are also as curtains, as rays and circles. And their name was also given by the ancient Romans after their goddess Aurora lights. The show has seemed unfocused in recent episodes.

The twenty-four-hour rotation of Allah’s sacrifice is completed and the second verse of Surah Raad comes to mind that the sun and the moon are under His control. Is.

Do you remember that I told you, in the beginning, the background of the revelation of the Qur’an? That was revealed when the Holy Prophet (SAW) was taunted by the Urahs:

O, Muhammad! I think you have been abandoned, and your heart was saddened by this. Now just bring to mind all these threads, and the pictures that I have shown you, the first light from the sun, which creates the most beautiful view of nature on our earth. May Allah bless them. Why is he saying dhikr?

Like a grandmaster, a great painter, showing his beautiful paintings to a sad man, making his heart happy, consoling him, giving him courage, because beauty is hard in the human mind. Wired guys, seeing beauty activates the reward center of the mind.

It makes us feel happy, and God shows His servant the beautiful signs He has made from His sacrifice and says to him in the next verse: “Neither has your Lord forsaken you nor has He forgotten you”. You know The reason for writing this thread this week was a personal sadness, and I was looking for a solution to that sadness in the Qur’an, and then Al-Dhuha came to me. And to be honest, after writing all this and seeing all these scenes born of Dhuha. I forgot that I was sad. I have reached here by searching for Zuha, but it does not end here. Have you read the verses beyond that? May I tell you what they mean?

“What is to come will be better than what has already passed, and your Lord will give you that which will make you happy. Has He not given you a place to live as an orphan?” Did he not lead you astray? …

Did he not find you in need and make you rich? ”

Feel these words on your heart, how Allah made his servant happy by showing him so many beautiful scenes, telling him I swear by this sacrifice, from which I scatter so many beautiful colors … Your heart will be at peace, and I will never leave you alone.

And I do not think that a person with a heart, after understanding and reading these verses once, can forget his sadness and live without loving Allah.

Writhing credit goes to FURQAN QURESHI


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