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Computer Scientist and Highly Cited Researcher of 2020 | Dr. Mubashir Husain Rehmani

An important piece of news that came out late last year that Clarivate Analytics has added Pakistani computer scientist, Dr. Mubashir Rahmani, to the list of one percent best researchers in the world. In computer science, this award is considered being as important as the Nobel Prize. Dr. Mubashir was worthy of this award based on his excellent research papers.
Each year, Clarivate publishes a list of researchers and creative articles working on issues facing the world. The latest list includes 6,400 researchers in 21 fields, including 26 Nobel laureates. This list includes references to the best research articles from around the world so that researchers, scientists, and students can benefit from the latest articles and new developments in various fields.

I have never taken shortcuts; I have proved myself by working hard. If you want to succeed, work hard and take the right direction: Dr. Mubashir Rahmani

Clarivate latest list introduces Dr. Mubashir Rahmani, a young Pakistani man, as one of the most influential computer scientists of this decade, and he is credited with writing more than 100 research papers and analytical reports. 12 of his research articles were included in his research by computer science researchers as a reference. Their work was appreciated by using it as a certificate.
Mubashir Hussain Rahmani is also the author of 3 books. A book on block chain technology. Other titles are Transportation and Power, Grid in Smart Cities, and Wireless Sensor Network.

Dr. Mubashir Hussain received his early and professional education in Karachi. He tells the story of becoming an engineer and being part of Clarivate’s latest list, as he completed his engineering studies in 2004 and one year did a MPhil to Ph.D. at the Super Lake Institute at the University of Sorbonne in France. Received a scholarship. He then completed his Ph.D. from the Computer Department Laboratory at Sorbonne University. Regarding his work, he said that all his work was discussing network and telecommunication. ‘The highlight of my work was that I was awarded this very honorable Ph.D. award. This is the highest honor for a Ph.D. degree in France.

The cover of Mubashir Hussain Rahmani’s book Transportation and Power Grid in Smart Cities

Since Mubashir Hussain had gone to do a Ph.D. at the expense of the government of Pakistan, he had to return and work in Pakistan. On his return to Pakistan, he taught the subject of Electrical Systems at the Wah Kent Campus of COMSATS University. The special feature of Comsat’s Wah Campus is that weapons are manufactured here at the Pakistan Ordnance Factory.

After teaching as a Lecturer in Ph.D. and Comsat, he pursued further studies, once again enrolling in the Post Doc at the Waterford Institute of Technology in Ireland, and now for 2 years as an Assistant Professor at the Cork Institute of Ireland. Teaching in the Computer Science Department of Technology (CIT). “All my work is on wireless, sensor networks, blockchain, and cognitive technology,” he said of his recent work.

This award is in the name of sisters and Mufti Naeem Memon

Dr. Sahib said, “I name this honor after my sisters and my favorite personality, Mufti Muhammad Naeem Memon of Hyderabad. Along with the sisters, Mufti Sahib has a great role in my life. When I, like Ordinary Pakistani youth, was entangled in religion and secular education, they showed me the right path. His kindness gave me the courage to stand up to the world today.

He said, “I consider him my benefactor because, in the second year of engineering, it occurred to me to drop out of engineering. Let me learn the work of religion and go on preaching. He said to me, “Brother, how are you talking? Studying engineering, getting good marks in it is also a religion. That is what our religion says.
Elaborating further, Mubashir Hussain said, “Even today, it often occurs to young people that we should serve religion and the country, and give up all secular education.” But with the help of enlightened elders, better guidance is obtained.

Many times, he was mentally disturbed

Mubashir Hussain explains that during education and in different periods of life, today’s youth often suffers from mental stress. Good grades, good college admissions, and then the pressure of a good job. Dr. Mubashir said that we need to understand and understand our youth and where they are told to take care of exercise and diet to maintain health and fitness, making them realize that mental health is just as important. We as family and friends must take care of our surroundings. Encourage them to make timely decisions and develop a positive mindset.

Dr. Mubashir said that he also felt depressed many times. “Of course, it has been difficult for everyone to make different decisions, but fortunately for me, my family, especially the sisters and Mufti Naeem, have been there to help me get out of this predicament.

Dr. Mubashir also taught at COMSATS University

Dr. Mubashir recalled that there were two ways to get a professional education after Inter. Admission to a NED University, where I was not getting admission in software technology, while my number was first in the entrance test of Mehran University of Engineering and Technology and I also got the technology of my choice ‘Computer Systems Engineering. Was Although enrolling in NED University is a dream of every young person, I entered Mehran University on the advice of my elders and my teacher. Without the guidance of my family and teacher, I would have been confused and could not have completed my education on my own.

Difficult and different decisions made life easier

Dr. Mubashir says, “I have believed in hard work all my life. From the decision to leave NED University to Mehran to the first job and then to the decision to leave the 17th-grade job and do PGD, I am here today because of my hard work, perseverance, and self-belief. ۔
Regarding the difficult decision, Dr. Mubashir said, “I was getting a 17th-grade job from the Ministry of Defense and I received a letter of Ph.D. scholarship. My mind was confused. I want to get a good job and make life easier or take the difficult and demanding path of PGD.

He says that even here, with the help of his family, he was guided by Mufti Naeem Sahib. His simple question was how far can you go in a 17th-grade government job? You will retire from 19th, 20th, or 21st grade, but if you go for the scholarship, you will serve Pakistan in a better way.

Dr. Sahib thinks that time was a turning point in his life. Referring to another mental confusion, he said, “We all know that Ph.D. research is a very difficult and tiring task. You often have to deal with anxiety because you have to deal with the entire world. That’s why it stops working again and again and sometimes your questions are not answered. I, too, grew weary of research and length, like a general seeker of knowledge, and I thought I would leave everything and come back. Even on this occasion, Mufti Sahib himself explained to me that ask Allah for help and do not give up. If you persist, then you will leave. I completed my PhD with their advice.

Young people, don’t compromise on principles

Dr. Mubashir said, “I have always tried to work in the right direction with full attention and diligence. Speak the truth and take the straight path. Many times, I was pressured to compromise. I have never adopted a shortcut, but I have worked hard to convince myself. If you want to achieve lasting success, work hard and take the right direction.

“I too have been offered bribes many times and told to take the easy way out. Some people even threatened that I would not be successful, but I did what my training and religion told me not to do and work hard. It was difficult, but where I am today, it is only because of these principles. Allah has now successfully given the honor. That’s why I tell young people not to compromise on their principles to get things done and to do their job honestly. “

Many things at once, but how?

Dr. Mubashir explains, “In ordinary life, where I am a computer scientist, researcher, teacher, I am also a father, brother, and husband.” As a husband, I also have the responsibility of a home. So it was important for me to create a diary and set my priorities accordingly. Of course, if I want to achieve my goal, I have to work hard and live according to my priorities.

I get up early in the morning and I recite Surah Yaseen in the morning, and I believe in the hadith that Allah Himself takes responsibility for the deeds of the one who recites Surah Yaseen. This does not mean that I do nothing, it means that my mind will be opened and I will do more and better.
“All our work is an international research and all this is possible only when I am calm and refreshed. I give full time to my children. I drop them off at school and pick them up, do children’s homework, also go hiking with the kids and the family, because the screen time is said to be kept to a minimum and this is only possible when you are there for the kids. “

Don’t let denial get you down

When I went to give an interview, there was a biased person in the interview panel. Since my outfit looks like an ordinary Pakistani Muslim, the poor man could not bear it and he said directly that we will not give a job to a person with this outfit. But, we need to understand that you are capable that no one can challenge your academic ability and you are an international expert then no one can stop you. The world will appreciate your hard work.

I have been to many places for interviews. It is no less an honor for me to have great professors from all over the world stand up for me and those who know my work respect me. Except for one or two, I have had countless instances where people treated me with respect and I had positive attitudes.

Dr. Mubashir Hussain Rahmani is thrilled to be a positive face of Pakistan. “This honor is very important to me,” he said. This is the honor of Pakistan because my education is due to Pakistan. I am the face of Pakistan and as a Pakistani and Muslim I am thrilled I was awarded the title of First Ranking Engineer by Science and Technology, Pakistan. Twice my name was sent to Medal of Distinction but as I have no political affiliation, I could not get this Medal. But I believe that your hard work and choosing the right path is the first and last step to success. “



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