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Ahmad Awais – A Pakistani Open Source Engineer who contributed code to NASA’s Mars Mission

ISLAMABAD—A Pakistani engineer, Ahmad Awais, has gotten worldwide acknowledgment for his participation in humanity’s first-since forever endeavor at a controlled trip on the outside of another planet, Mars.

In the Last month, NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter turned into the main aircraft in history to make a fueled, controlled trip on another planet. The Ingenuity group at the agency’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California affirmed the flight prevailed subsequently to getting information from the helicopter through NASA’s Perseverance Mars wanderer.

Awais, who has so far not been valued by the public authority authorities, has been perceived by the US Embassy in Islamabad.

“Pakistani engineers are genuinely influencing the world. Pakistani Honor-winning open-source engineer, contributed code to the product for the Mars 2020 helicopter mission, otherwise called NASA’s Ingenuity Helicopter?” tweeted the consulate.

The Pakistani engineer’s main justification for this dedication was because of an enthusiasm for space investigation he had back when he was a youngster. In a new blog entry he expressed the accompanying:

“At the point when I was a child, I wanted to be a space traveler — investigating space and so forth. However, I feared heights, so at whatever point my mom asked, I’d say I’ll settle as a researcher who’d design things like rockets. A long time passed by, perusing space investigation missions at that point trying to meet Elon Musk – I acknowledged the distance away I was from really turning into a rocket scientist.”

The great reality here is that Ahmad got going as an Electrical Engineering graduate who disdained his degree and began figuring out how to invent things using coding all my own. He didn’t like electrical engineering as it was almost Maths. He has an interest in inventing things so he writes coding, which he loved. He creates software & he felt like he’s inventing things. It simply shows that how far self-learning can take an individual. With Ahmad capturing another achievement, he has set a model for a whole of Pakistan to keep on enhancing.

Meanwhile, Ahmad Awais has expressed gratitude to the Embassy for liking his work.

“I’m Incredible humbled that my little open-source commitment was essential for humanity’s first fruitful attempt at a powered, controlled trip of an aircraft on another planet”.

By Ahmad Awais

The award-winning open-source engineer, last month, declared his accomplishment on Twitter. He expressed, “My Open Source Contribution to NASA’s Ingenuity Helicopter made it to Mars”. He recently received a gold GitHub Stars Award by GitHub (Microsoft) to celebrate his open-source work. He is in awe of the response received from the community.

“Through open-source, I contributed code to the product of Mars 2020 Helicopter Mission,” — NASA’s Ingenuity Helicopter.

“I can’t believe it. I’m here on Earth, yet my code is on Mars. A little commitment however it implies a ton to me, beyond what any of you can envision,” he added.



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[…] Ahmad Awais – A Pakistani Open Source Engineer who contributed code… […]


[…] Ahmad Awais – A Pakistani Open Source Engineer who contributed code… […]


[…] Ahmad Awais – A Pakistani Open Source Engineer who contributed code… […]


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