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Spread of child pornography in Pakistan and measures to control

Spread of child pornography in Pakistan and measures to control []

Child Pornography

It is a non-constitutional act. Pornography of small kids is a form of child sexual victimization. The images of child pornography have also been considered as illegal. With the coming of almost every new media technology, pornography has been its killer app. The application that drove early deployment of technical invention in search of profit. Child pornography has been deduced under 18 years of age. It influences the sexual behavior of children.

Where Does Child Abuse Imagery Come From?

The images of child abuse are made viral for the purpose of sharing. In so doing, victimizing the child many times over. Mostly child abuse occurs when someone know the child very closely. The data related to child abuse has been identified via CVIP & NCMEC to the exploiters to children. From the statistics of year 2013 about 25 percent of the data is generated by neighbor or family friends. 18 percent is produced through parents, guardians and about 14 percent is self-produced.

About thousands of victims have been thrown to law enforcement by NCMEC regarding child abuse. Still there are several victims which are not identified yet. Still these victims are facing the abusive situations. That’s why we have to fight against such bad people in society. Security agencies of Pakistan must pay attention on such victims in Pakistan. New techniques and tools must be employed to search and stop online distribution in Pakistan. So that such people are identified properly.

Defining child sexual abuse material.

Sexual abusing related to children called as child pornography has contented with the sexually depict activities. Visual depictions let in photographs, videos, digital or computer generative images indistinguishable from an actual minor. Pictures and videos involving the materials of real crime scenes are circulated for personal consumption. In recent years a live streaming of sexual abuse has started.

Child abuse can be controlled by video streaming. It can also be controlled if the parents give confidence to children so that they can easily share their problems with them. The evidences of such abuses are rare to detect through digital evidences. It is very much essential to comprehend the nature of child abuse material in order to address this crime.

Sexting, Victimization and Exploitation

The sexting research is related to online as well as offline victimization such as dating violence and sexting with strangers. The situation of trauma of sexual abuse leave the victims open to other types of exploitation. This include non-consensual pornography and sextortion. Sextortion includes coercion in which sexual images or pictures or videos are used to exploit the victims. They usually demand money from the victims. Persons involving in non-consensual pornography have legal penalties as well as supports. These penalties have been ranged in severity. These severities are varied widely. The sexual abuse including sending, receiving pornographic pictures which are subjected to pornographic laws.

People involved in Child Pornography in Pakistan

Most of the people involving in child pornography have political support. They are mostly highly professionals having secret relations with some illegal agencies. They used to harass small children via some local inhabitants and then used them for abusing and smuggle other countries as well. These professionals may be doctors, officers as well. They have very high political supports. It is better to expose such bad people in society and hang them in public. Children are the blessings of Allah we should protect them not to pluck them from this garden of Earth. Parents should teach their children how to have confidence when a stranger approaches their children. Parents should have a check on their children in order to have a look on their activities. Children must take part in healthy activities. These activities should be check and balance. The children must take part in healthy activities and study well.


Following measures should be taken by parents, guardians, and teachers to protect children from becoming victims of such predators. Discuss internet safety and develop an online safety plan with children before they engage in online activity. Teach children to spot red flags, Establish clear guidelines. Further encourage children to have open communication with you. Children can tell you everything. Supervise young children’s use of the internet. including periodically checking their post and profiles. Keep a close eye on them. Consider setting time limits for their use. Children use the Internet at certain times.

Parents should keep a close eye on their children. Review games, applications and social media sites before they are downloaded or used by children. Pay particular attention to applications, games and sites that feature end-to-end encryption, direct messaging, video chats, file uploads, and user anonymity. Which are frequently relied upon by online child predators. Adjust privacy settings. Use parental controls for online games, apps, social medial sites, and electronic devices. This way child pornography can be prevented. Don’t share personal information.

Avoid sharing personal information, photos, videos, apps and websites online with children in public forums or with people they do not know in private. It has a profound effect on the lives of children. Let your children know that pictures posted online will be permanently available on the Internet. Teach children about physical safety and limitations, including the importance of saying no to inappropriate applications in both the physical world and the virtual world. Beware of possible signs of abuse, including changes in children’s use of electronic devices, attempts to hide online activity, abandonment of behavior, resentment, anxiety and depression. Encourage children to tell a parent, guardian, or other trusted adult if someone asks them to engage in sexual activity or other inappropriate behavior.

In recent years, a report has been suspected by FIA agency of Pakistan which was submitted by a child on sexual abuse. People can submit report on as well as use helpline 911. Besides national center for missing and exploited children website is also a great help for fighting against sexual abuse regarding children.



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[…] Spread of child pornography in Pakistan and measures to control […]


[…] Spread of child pornography in Pakistan and measures to control […]

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