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Nisha Rao – Pakistan First Talented Hardworking Transgender

Nisha Rao – Pakistan First Talented Hardworking Transgender []
Nisha Rao – Pakistan First Talented Hardworking Transgender []

Nisha Rao belongs to basically transgender community. A lot of the things changed over. The past few years in the life of Nisha being a transgender who is lawyer now. Her determination inspired us from begging on the road to becoming a lawyer.

Nisha background as according to her community not was as much good. That she can feed up properly. And lived life happily she was in 9th grade. When she realized that God had made her different person moreover her mind at that stage thought. That she can study hard. And motivated to earn herself a good career. Nisha without any support motivate herself and started her journey from migrate to Karachi with two transgender friends.

Nisha told that she begged on the road. The reason just only to this was her supporter were also poor  as according so for this instance she begged. Whole day and at night and she also suffered a lot of things like didn’t have ID card. And no one would appoint her for a job at that time Nisha was scared of police. When she used to beg the policeman show towards them aggressive. And bad behavior to their related community and after that her teacher advised him to become a lawyer. If you want the rights and overcome your problems. Then become a lawyer she used in her own words that my teacher used to tell me that :

“You would not need to be afraid of anyone in fact the police will be afraid of you’’

her sir Mudassir Iqbal Chaudhary was her motivator and inspirational person in her life. Who not led her demotivated moreover not led down and motivated to continue. The law as to be heard but all over struggle should be considered. Because all task were not easy for her. She had to beg for her education and achievement. She used to beg at whole day 8:00 am morning to till night 12 pm. And take her classes from onward to 2 pm 

At age 28 years, Nisha Rao become the first transgender lawyer in Pakistan

Nisha received a law degree from the Sindh Muslim Law College. The 2018 and fight for the rights of the transgender community. She fought more than 50 cases in her supervision. She made their best and effort for the protection of the transgender community and to provide. The shelter that led their life in comfort in her life. She has seen many ups and down to come at now a great post.

After becoming lawyer she gave so much interviews to the media in which claim about. The people of those who treated her not well. After becoming lawyer the people used to give honor to Nisha Rao as far as. The way she got treated in concerned. The lawyer in court and the judges continue to treat her very well Rao also shared. That she now legally help unchurch through NGO in addition to this in future. She aspires to set up a counselling session

Through organization where transgender lawyer can guide another transgender. But the most prominent among them is her relatives. Who have started treating her with respect She hopes that those. Those who humiliated. Him may be forced to reconsider their actions.



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