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Boycott French Products, Shame on you Macron

Tensions are rising in France amid a government crackdown on Muslim communities following the beheading of school teacher Samuel paty. He is a 47-year-old teacher who attacked on his way home from the junior high school where he taught in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine. He showed cartoons of our beloved prophet P.B.U.H in a lecture.

Emmanuel Macron is a French president. He said, we will defend the freedom that you taught so well and we will hold secularism high. He added we will not give up cartoons, drawings, caricatures even others retreat. Authorities shut down a mosque that reportedly shared a video that criticized the teacher’s actions before he was killed. In two towns, Charlie Hebdo cartoons mocked the Holy prophet of Muslims were projected on the government building for hours.

Gerald Darmarin (French Interior Minister) sparked the conflict by saying “ethnic” products were leading to separatism. He said I always shocked while walking in a supermarket and see the cuisine of one community on one side and the other community on the other side. This is how separatism starts. I think that capitalist societies in France and the world have a responsibility. As tensions rose, two Muslim women were recently stabbed in a racist attack under the Eifel tower in Paris.

Muslims in France facing trouble for 25 years

France promoting Islamophobia in the world

On 21 October, two Muslim Women wearing Hijab were stabbed in a park under France’s symbolic Eiffel Tower. The attackers were two women of European descent. These women shouted invectives such as “dirty Arabs”; “go home to your own country,” while plunging knives into the victims’ bodies. Confirming the incident, the French police did not call it a hate crime.

Muslims in France have already been living in an anti-Muslim environment for at least 25 years and are now being held responsible for beheading teachers.

Protest against France

Protest against france in Pakistan

By encouraging blasphemous cartoon displays targeting Islam and our Holy Prophet. By attacking Islam, without clearly understanding anything about it, President Macron has attacked and hurt the feelings of millions of Muslims in Europe and around the world. We as a Muslim can’t bear

 Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan condemned Macron’s statements on Twitter.

The Communication Director of Turkey Fahrettin Altun said the EU is rapidly becoming dangerous for Muslims.

In a series of tweets, he said that offensive caricatures, separatism against Muslims, and mosque raids aren’t about freedom of expression, but it’s about reminding Muslims they will never belong in the EU. Here’s what Europeans against Islam and Muslims need to understand, We won’t go away because you don’t want us, We won’t turn the other cheek when you insult us, We will defend ourselves at all costs.

When the truth is told on their faces, the losing racists in Europe try to exploit Islamophobia and xenophobia, said Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu. This is the time  to stop Europe’s spoiled politicians with fascist mindset.”

Egypt’s world-renowned Islamic organization has condemned Macron’s comments on Islam.

Scholars at Al Azhar University called Macron’s statement ‘racist’. They say the French president’s statement has nothing to do with the true essence of Islam.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan mocked Macron over his policies on Muslims, saying the French president needed a “mental examination”.

Turkish President  said in a televised address, “What can you say about a head of state who treats millions of members of different religious groups like this: First of all, do a mental test.”

Boycott French products

After the comment on Emmanuel Macron, many Muslim countries start a boycott of French products. The boycott list includes many brands from various sectors such as Renault, Danone, and Lacoste. People are doing campaigns against the disrespect of the Holy Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H.

In Doha, workers stripped French-made St. Dalfor jam and saf instant yeast cupboards at the AlMeera supermarket chain branch.

AlMeera competes for market share in the lucrative Qatari grocery sector with French supermarket chains Monoprix and Carrefour.

Al Meera and another grocery operator, Souq Al Baladi, released statements about the boycott of France products. they said they would pull French products from stores until further notice.

Many Jordanians changed their profiles on social media profiles to add the message “Respect Allah’s Prophet Muhammad”.

Steps taken by different states

Protest in Arab against France

Many Arab trade groups also announced a boycott of French products in response to provocations against the Islamic religion and insulting statements against the Prophet Muhammad.

Arab activists also launched several social media campaigns using various hashtags (#boycottfrance #boycott_french_product #prophet Muhammad) to boycott French products.

In Kuwait, the Al-Naeem Cooperative Society is a large chain of Gulf state supermarkets, has said it will remove all French products from shelves in protest of French insulting statements against Islam and the Prophet.

Similar initiatives were taken by several business groups such as the Suburban Afternoon Association, the Eqaila Cooperative Society, and the Saadullah City Cooperative Society. All three groups posted pictures showing French products being removed from their shelves.

In Jaffa, a large Arab town near Tel Aviv, in front of the French ambassador’s residence in Israel, about 200 people protested after evening prayers.

 Sami Abu Zuhri, a senior spokesman for the Palestinian group, said the publication of the cartoons was “an aggression against the sentiments of the Islamic nation and its religion and beliefs.”

Punishment of Arrogant French president According to Quran

As in the Quran

“And those who abuse the messenger of ALLAH_ for them is a painful punishment.”

We cannot be a Muslim by only saying ourselves Muslim. Being a Muslim we should do something to show our love for The Holy Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H. we should boycott French products. We will disrespect those who disrespect our Holy Prophet. Now it is necessary to boycott French products.



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