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Wing commander Hassan Siddiqui has conferred with Tamgha e Jurat

Wing commander Hassan Siddiqui has conferred with Tamgha e Jurat []

The Pakistan Air Force (PAF) is a force that provides combat services and strives for the immediate protection of Pakistan. 73 years ago, it was established on 14 August 1947. His work is providing air support to the Pakistan navy and armed forces. Wing commander Hassan Siddiqui has been a part of the Pakistan air force for 14 years and he is doing a great job for the welfare of the country. He is a very strong and brave person. On 27 February, during operation swift retort Hassan Saddiqui shooting down Indians aircraft. On this bravery, he rewarded by “Tamgha e Jurat” from the president of Pakistan Dr. Arif Alvi on 14 August 2019. On this achievement of Hassan, Siddiqui Pakistan manifest him as a hero.

 Biblography of Hassan Siddiqui:

Wing commander Hassan Siddiqui belongs to Karachi. From his childhood, he was a very brave and responsible man. He was interested to join the Pak Army. After passing the exam of intermediate he gives the test for the air force and passed it and join PIA academy Risalpur for training purposes. He completed their pilot course at 115 GD. According to his family and friends, he has been always a brave and fearless pilot.

Education of Hassan Siddiqui:

After passing the exam of intermediate he continued their education at Federal Urdu University. After completing the training of the pilot course in 2005 he becomes a Pilot officer. Because of his spirit and valor, he got a promotion. And become a Flying officer and then promoted to Flight lieutenant. Now he is on the post of Squadron leader and all Pakistani love and proud to him for their bravery and achievements.

Operation Swift Retort:

Pakistan air force arranges the “Operation Swift Retort”  whose aim was to prevent the enemy’s combat readiness from violating Pakistan’s airspace and to counter any possible airstrike. On 27 February 2019, a large enemy aircraft was seen on radar approaching Pakistan airspace. Pakistan air force was alerted for this. Hassan Siddiqui was also part of the contingent. Enemy fighter jets crossed Pakistanis airspace to carry out their nefarious intentions. Pakistan air force fighter blocked his way. During this aerial operation, Hassan Siddiqui skillfully shoots down an enemy fighter jet which forced the enemy to flee. Hassan Siddiqui shooting down the two jets of enemy in the open air. In this incident, two Indians pilot was killed and one was arrested. All Pakistan nation proud to him by hitting MIG 21.


Due to their bravery and professionalism, the president of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Dr. Arif Alvi awarded Hassan Siddiqui “Tamgha e Jurat” the medal of courage on 14 august 2019. It is the fourth highest military award of Pakistan. After making the Pakistan Republic nation, this award established in 1957. This medal always awarded to the extraordinary hero who gives their best in their service and protects Pakistan from enemies.



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[…] Wing commander Hassan Siddiqui has conferred with Tamgha e Jurat […]

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