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Captain Syed Asfandyar Shaheed (Badaber ka Hero)

Life history of captain Syed Asfandyar

Caption Syed Asfandyar Ahmed Bukhari (1988-2015) was a Pak Army Officer. He served his whole life for the welfare of the country. Captain syed has a short but ambitious career in Pak Army. He won “The Sword of Honor” from PMA. Then, he won the “Military Tactics Medal” and topped the lieutenant to the caption exam of the Pak Army. He also invented the “target acquisition instrument” for the Pak Army. Caption Syed Asfandyar Bukhari fought the TTP terrorist bravely and got successful in his aim. He martyred while commanding counterterrorism operations during the terrorist attack on PAF Camp Badaber Peshawar by TTP terrorists. He was awarded by “Tamgh-e-Jurat” from the Government of Pakistan on his sacrifice and valor.

Early Life:

Caption Syed Asfandyar Ahmad Bukhari belonged to the Bukhari Syed family in Attock. He was born on 14 August 1988 on the 41st anniversary of Pakistan Attock. Due to their relationship from the Syed family, their roots arise from Hazrat Ali (RA), and Hazrat Imam Hussain. His grandfather Syed Sahab Shah has a charge force of 400 men from the Attock District during the Indian war of 1857. The war was against the British. He was interested in joining the Pak army from his childhood. In school time there was an incident, Asfandyar injured his finger with Blade and wrote PAK. Those words which were incomplete in his childhood he completes it by giving the sacrifice of their life. When the teacher came to help in class and hold his hand he said let me write Pakistan.

Caption Syed Asfandyar started his schooling in Army Public College Attock and Fazia Degree College Kamra. In Cadet College of Hasanbdal (C.C.H) he studied from 2001 to 2006, he accepted as a marvelous cadet. He has received a prize from Governer Punjab Khalid Maqbool at CCH in 2005. Captain Syed became a Wing Commander of Jinnah wing. He was also selected in field Hockey Camp Punjab under-19 in 2005. On the other hand, in 2005 he became a member of the Attock District Hockey team. It was famous in the North Punjab zone hockey tournament organized by PHF.

A career in Military:

Syed Asfandyar called as a prestigious cadet in their Military career. He joined Pakistan Military Academy after passing the exam of ISSB in 2006. Then he became a part of the 118th PMA long course. However, in the duration of training of 2 years in PMA, he won many medals in swimming, hockey, riding, and academics. On 25 October 2008, at the end of Military training he got “Military Tactics Medal” from PMA. He remained a student of ex COAS General Raheel Sharif at PMA.

After completing his graduation he was awarded by “The Sword of Honor” the highest award of the military which are given to the best obvious and gentlemen cadet of PMA. Then he has joined the 11FF regiment of the Pak Army and posted it in Bahawalpur. Furthermore, he was going Quetta for a basic infantry course in 2009 where he made a target acquisition instrument for Pak Army. He was posted in Waziristan from 2011 to 2013. Here he takes part in an operation against TTP and plays an active role in different encounters.

Attack on PAF Badaber Camp:

On 18 September 2005, 14 TTP terrorists entered into PAF Camp Badaber and attack on him. When terrorists crossed the baseline of the Camp they divided into two groups one group move towards the administrative area and one move on to the technical area. some terrorists start firing on people’s which was present for morning prayers. The 102 brigades of the Pak Army in Peshawar (QRF) send out a fast response force to Badaber. Brigadier Commander Inayat and Caption Asfandyar commanded this.

The Commander of QRF Major Haseeb injured due to a bullet. In this kind of situation, Caption Asfandyar pleads to brigadier Inayat to let him participate in the action. Finally, the brigadier give him permission to identify the location of the terrorist. Caption Asfandyar located the whole situation and back to the brigadier with a plan. He advised diverting the attention of terrorist. He attacked on them from the back with their brave soldiers. The brigadier gave him permission to follow this plan.

Caption Asfandyar act according to the plan and killed 4 terrorists. At the same time, he saw a shadow in the room and told the man there is a terrorist in the place. He ordered their soldier to open the door. As a result, one bullet hit the terrorist and one bullet injured the Asfandyar. After survive five to six minutes he was martyrdom and proved that he was the son of Hazrat Ali (RA). They fought in the way of Allah and embosom Shahadat.

Funeral prayer

Caption Asfandyar Shaheed burial was held on the next day in his home town of Attock. The funeral procession of Shaheed Asfandyar was the characterized history of Attock. Thousands of people were present to attend his funeral prayer and give him respect for his bravery.


On the bravery, professionalism, and supreme act of Caption Asfandyar Shaheed, he was awarded by Tamgha-e-Jurat from the Government of Pakistan. This is the fourth highest military award which is given to extraordinary personality heroism on the Military service but his parents refused to accept this award because they think “Shahadat in the path of Allah was the only award-worthy of their son’s sacrifice”.The hospital in which Asfandyar Shaheed was born, The District Headquarter Attock was changed in Asfandyar Bukhari District Hospital Attock on 11 June 2016. On 14 July 2016, Cheif Minister KPK Pervaiz Khattak start the Caption Syed Asfandyar Bukhari Shaheed Vocational Training Center at the PAF base Badaber. The roadway in Karachi is also named after him. The public squares Faisalabad and Attock were renamed after him.

Mark e Badaber ka Hero

To memorize the sacrifice and legacy of Caption Asfandyar Shaheed Professor Muhammad Zaheer Qandeel the Head of the Urdu department at Cadet College Hasanabdal decided to write the life of Asfandyar Shaheed. He wrote a book which title is “Marka e Badaber ka Hero” the hero of Badaber. The result of the publication of this book can be judged that their first edition was sold out in the first three days. After the hard work of 18 months on this book, it was officially launched from Cadet College Hasanbdal by the Chief of Naval Staff Muhammad Zakaullah on 29 April 2017. The whole people of the country give positive reviews about this book.



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